Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 3

What is a SOL without a bit of hero-worship bordering on the evil side of yuri? Enter Sharo Kirima, neighbor and childhood friend of the adorable Chiya. She’s uh, a student at the elite school Rize attends but unlike what everyone thinks, she’s actually poor as dirt and lacks the refined mannerisms of a rich young lady. She also seems to like Rize quite a bit – bordering a bit on the yuri side. It could just be simple hero worship but it sometimes becomes more than just that when Sharo is blushing like mad. It’s cute for some reason, though.

I am completely unsurprised that Chiya has the ability to make friends so easily when she’s so amiable and kind, but I must confess that watching her reactions to Sharo are highly entertaining.

Each episode that goes by I’m further convinced that Rize is Kagami after a growth spurt and an art style change. Somehow she escaped the Lucky Star universe, killed Tsukasa, and started a new life – even took up gunsmanship as a new hobby! But she can’t fool us; that demeanor, temperament, handling of the MC, slightly loneliness, responsibility….You’re Kagami. Please, just admit it. All of the personality traits just blend together too perfectly.

It seems that the show is abiding by a strict diet of one new character a week. I love all the characters that have been introduced so far but I’m beginning to feel a bit inundated – let me digest who we’ve met thus far before continuing to introduce anyone else, there’s much we have yet to learn about them!

SOL’s usually have sleepover episodes but I found myself looking forward to this one; when done properly it’s a character building exercise that leaves you smiling.

Off topic (I know I’m REALLY meandering this post) but the MGS reference with the rations was worth a bit more than a chuckle. It doesn’t surprise me that Rize would be a fan of those games – I bet she’d like to participate in a real mission involving espionage.

My final words – Cocoa, weeds are not herbal supplements, but thank you for the laugh.

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