No Game, No Life – 4

Well, now this is certain an interesting development.

Blank have pushed Clammy to the edge of her wits and have defeated her, becoming the kings of the Inamity. I’m a little unsure where the “We must win without attacking” mentality came from, but knowing Sora it was only to show that despite having a few “on paper” handicaps, the Inamity can deliver crushing defeats to those superior to them. Sora likely wanted to break her spirit, something to which I think he did very well.

This battle ended up being one almost entirely of charisma rather than a battle of wits; it seemed as though the tides of victory were sure to turn in favor of the one who could better motivate their troops into serving for them. Sora brings up a rather good (but somewhat obvious) point – rule by fear has never worked in all of history, so why in the blazes does Clammy think that it is going to work for her here? Quite obviously, it does not pan out for her and Sora proves that the best personal motivation is a great cause that one believes in. Clammy goes down in flames. While I hope this isn’t a trend, I was ok with the battle being one of rhetoric rather than the acuteness of mind.

Sora delivers a riveting speech that made Melissa and I shiver; very, very powerful stuff. Their accomplishments become even greater when you remember all that they’ve done thus far is in the shadow of a chess victory against god himself. Now that is a fine feather in your cap.

God himself does make an appearance and informs them that should they rule above all other races, they will have the opportunity to challenge him for his godship. It seems very sportsmanlike but I no doubt felt a slight tinge of malice – but only so much as one feels for their rival. I’m intensely interested in finding out what kind of person he truly is and how he became the god of this world – perhaps he created it? All questions we don’t have the answer to just yet, but no doubt will be revealed in time.

Given the amount of time this series has to flesh things out, I’m intensely curious to find out how the races are going to go down and how the show will do it without the use of montages. Perhaps it will use montages, but it doesn’t matter so much as the narrative isn’t sacrificed for a shonen-esque battle system. Please, ensure that the show continues its strong pacing.

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