No Game, No Life – 3

No Game, No Life returns this week to prove two things:

  • Retard chess is Sora’s specialty
  • I have No Life for watching so many shows.

So, Sora’s got his sights on being king in this land, huh? So far he’s done pretty well for himself – he’s duped the princess of the Imanity, secured himself wealth and a castle, and essentially made everyone (the princess included) his bitch. Not bad, Sora, not bad. I’m a bit more interested to see how Sora and his sister would fare against the cheater girl we saw in the first (and last) episode – thankfully, this week’s episode answers that question, uh, halfway.

I realize this is the kind of show that would be really popular with a non-hardcore anime crowd – Edgy protag, interesting and fast paced plot, “epic lel mindgames XD 11!!!” and that’s kinda annoying because they ruin everything they touch (Titan, SAL, etc.) That said, I frankly don’t give a shit because I love this show anyway. How can you not? Sure, some people get turned off by what they believe to be complete asspulls (Hello /a/), that’s fine – but unless it’s horrendous, extremely predictable, cliche, pedantic, or boring, I am totally ok with asspulls. By not being any of those things I just listed, that means it’s managed to keep itself interesting. Nothing is more annoying to me than something that is completely predictable. Trust me, I am not advocating “lel epic nevar sa it comming!! XDDD” like at the end of Bioshock Infinte, heavens no, in fact, that’s actually worse.

In any event, enough tangents and on to the actual episode. Sora has paved a rather nasty path for himself by claiming that he will take the Inamity, despite their current standing and handicapped abilities, to the top of the ranking. I was pretty impressed that he crashed the coronation of the new queen but I always get a bit nervous when he goes for such showboating – he’s really setting himself up for a possibly bad situation. I was also surprised that the girl herself seems to be of the Inamity, I could have sworn she was an elf. Not so; she was only receiving help from one to help her cheat.

I can’t tell you nice it is to have a protag who isn’t a trusting idiot – I was worried he would take her word for her offer and accept. He called her out on her bullshit and stuck to his guns, which was pretty impressive. The battle has had many twists and turns thus far – who will emerge the champion? Don’t answer that dumb rhetorical question, please.

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