Nobunaga the Fool – 12


Nobunaga is going away to college, upon his first day there, he meets his wacky roommate who owns a pet snake. Together, they tack-Oh, wait, sorry, this isn’t the beginning to a sitcom. Japanese plays based upon figure from 700 years ago and Modern day sitcoms have so much in common they just kinda blend together in my head.

So, what can we take away from this episode? Caesar is still a dick and was surprisingly open to diplomacy – although his reasons for diplomacy were later revealed to be because of his intent to take Nobunaga alive or as an ally, if possible. We all know what kind of person Nobu is and why that may not be possible. Something you may recall (and I think I entirely discounted) was that Caesar had taken particularly strange notice of Ichihime for some reason. It’s simple; he likes the asian ladies (And Jeanne, even though she’s not actually asian). The guy even had the audacity to say this in enemy territory and give them a heavy handed alliance where he takes her as his wife. What a brazen mother fucker!

Nobu’s idea for a tea party seemed particularly bizarre to me, even for him; you’re ready to lose and you think you’re in position to begin making demands? It’s akin to playing rock paper scissors with a friend and upon losing, you’re like, “Uh, best two out of three!” Usually it doesn’t work that way. Perhaps Caesar feared accidently killing Nobu rather than allying with him. Or perhaps Caesar is a raving idiot.

I really didn’t think there was any redemption for Caesar at all – he crossed the point of no return as soon as he killed Nobu’s old man. The tea party situation was actually quite interesting because I thought for an instant that Nobu was attempting to turn Caesar against King Arthur in attempt to unite them under a common enemy. While this seems to be what has taken place, I doubt we can completely trust Caesar – he’s shown himself more than capable of duplicity in the past (Lying to Takeda’s men about the manner of his death, stabbing people in the back, etc.) More disconcerning is that Nobu seems to trust he will uphold his end of the bargain for some reason. I wouldn’t be so sure….

This means that we currently have an alliance of the Oda, Caesar’s forces, Takeda (without any Takeda), and the Uesegi. That’s a pretty damn strong alliance. Hopefully the second half of this series has them busting down the doors in the star of the west and blowing shit to kingdom come.

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