Nobunaga the Fool – 11

“It was inevitable!…that you would see me blog about this show again!” ~ Nobunaga, circa never.

Wow, remember when I was blogging this show? Yeah, me neither; it’s probably been about a whole month and a half since my last entry to this series. Sorry about that but I’m sure you survived without my banal nonsense. Go read Hanner’s blog, he’s much more entertaining and analytical anyway.

Nobunaga has been a real roller coaster for me. It started out as something I felt was highly promising in the first half of the first episode, then I was sure we had something mediocre on our hands until the fifth episode or so, and now I’m convinced it’s actually a fairly strong show. I also may not be the best person to ask about things like this, oops.

So, Caesar is a jobber right? He got his ass whooped already so who cares about him, let’s move on to the real big bad! As Agent Shi Long Lang would say:

Caesar is pissed. As would most, he isn’t happy with the way events at his last battle transpired. Furthermore, he’s been issued an ultimatum by his superiors and we all know there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered snake. A desperation event is surely on the horizon.

Da Vinci hatches a brilliant plot, using his knowledge of Caesar’s ultimate move that nearly spelled Nobunaga’s demise earlier in the series. While they do gain the upper hand against the remnants of the Takeda and Uesegi, Caesar does launch his desperation move, destroying much of the innocents in the area (And I believe some of the Oda? Not sure). I must concede, it feels kinda cheap – we had no prior knowledge of this. It kinda felt like a villainous asspull for the shonen “Well, you powered up, now I’M going to power up!”

Jeanne’s vision looks to be suspiciously like what they are currently witnessing. I must admit that I am woefully unfamiliar with Jeanne’s historical significance and um, actual story. Forgive me for being dense, but what is the connection here? I ask that rhetorically, of course.

Where do we go from here? The narrative desperately needs Caesar dead before we can continue. Caesar was cool but he’s had his moment; let’s focus on some of the other knights of the round. I’m anticipating that the show will bring the battle straight to their doorstep and if it, in fact, does that, consider me happy.

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