Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 5

Hey, since when has teleportation been a lame ability? Threatening is another story, but lame? It’s totally got uses!

The main ensemble discovers that our very mikuru-esque friend is a magician who apparently has the ability to teleport. But that’s not threatening, is it? Apparently it is: Kana has a vision that this girl will kill Kuroha at a nearby lake. But is that really the case? The deception here seems a bit too obvious: the girl is nearby where Kuroha lies dead, but she doesn’t explicitly see her kill her. What does that mean? Maybe she was just nearby while she got killed. Perhaps this whole train of thought is completely wrong and she’s just deceiving them. Want to know why I think otherwise?

She’s in the opening featured prominently alongside our main characters. A stupid reason? Perhaps on the surface, but would they really show a character in such a spot if she weren’t important or one of the main characters? I’m inclined to believe we’re being victim to a large deception here – perhaps she’s rebelled against those who sent her? Not sure – although she did look pretty evil at the end of the previous episode. It could just be the director wishing to shed some ambiguity on the situation though.

I must admit that the situation Kuroha jumped into towards the end of the episode was fairly frightening – but once their fellow magician was unceremoniously killed, she should retreat the fuck out of there. It’s highly likely THIS is the AA+ magician the man at the council spoke of rather than Kotori. The show is trying just a little too hard to make her seem suspicious – just enough that it makes me believe she’s innocent. The example made of the weaker unarmed magician was a grim reminder just how dangerous the world in Brynhildr actually is – people die, and if you’re weak, you’re dead. There’s no lame deus ex machinas to help you escape a situation that should kill you.

Looks like we’ve got quite a battle ahead of us next week – consider me excited. This show has been one of the very strongest this season.

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