Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 4

AA magicians are certainly no walk in the park – that much is evident. Last week we were left on a considerable cliffhanger. What happened to our heroes? The short version: Kuroneko died. Ryouta dies eventually as well by getting completely dismembered – but not before hatching a devious plan. It seems as though Ryouta has figured out that Saori’s ability is to rewind time, albeit at the cost of significant amounts of magic. He effectively forces her hand by stabbing her in the heart; not wanting to die, she does in fact rewind time to before the encounter.

The annoying side-effect of this change is that Ryouta has now forgotten that he’s seen the moles on Kuroneko’s bountiful chest and as a result, no longer draws the connection between Kuroha and Kuroneko.

I have to admit that I was never fooled into thinking that Saori was going to be able to join them. Perhaps in a different kind of show that might have been possible, but she was to be made an example of by Byrnhildr – “We have consequences and follow through with them.” Perhaps they could say it a little less robotically and more elegantly than that, too. They escape with two boxes of pills which lengthens their lives and allows them to breathe a sigh of relief for the time being.

Kana is actually not a cripple at all. This begs many questions that I don’t think we can even begin to speculate on: why lie about that? What are her intentions? Perhaps Kana feels that if she reveals she can move normally to Kuroneko, she will feel as though Kana doesn’t suffer as she does. Another theory is that Kana’s paralysis is intrinsically linked to their meeting or friendship in a way we aren’t aware of – and revealing that the very basis of such a friendship is false may cause her to do something self destructive. I’m assume – but I’m not positive – that Kana’s intentions in doing so are pure and for Kuro’s benefit. Time will tell whether or not I’m being a gullible idiot.

I must concede I was surprised that Kazumi lived. Our main cast is turning into the tsundere brigade now.

Anyone else surprised that Ryouta isn’t as beta as he’d like us to believe? I was surprised to hear him fantasizing in the mixed bath (sounds like anime-hilarity shenanigans!) about Kuro’s chest and how he’d like to touch it. Not that I can particularly blame the guy but I wouldn’t expect such talk from him. He also didn’t turn beat red at being “full frontal assaulted” by Kazumi. Uh, interesting. I’ve known that there is mixed bathing in Japan but it surprises me there aren’t a lot of, uh, “incidents” there.

Evil asshole man got chewed out for letting the magicians get their cocaine fix and as a result, sends a spy to infiltrate and destroy them. Loaded with tons of creepy “dead eye syndrome” and plenty of ufufufu, it seems as though we’ve got a real psycho on our hands here.

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