Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – 1


So, bunnies. Let’s talk about them. As chinese cartoon afficionado’s, we’re familiar with several types of bunnies. Some bunnies are of the Aoi variety. Some bunnies drop. Some bunnies are vampire loli’s with some sick ass corner mixups and george XIII oki shit. Uh, I think that concludes our talk on bunnies for now.

Anyways, I should probably talk about the show, huh? Ok, maybe not! Haha, gotcha!

Seriously though, we should probably talk about the show. This show is damn cute and doesn’t seem to venture to do anything we haven’t seen before in a moe SOL. What sets it apart, in my opinion? The setting. It has a very turn-of-the-century bloody ol’ England feel to it that makes everything feel quaint but yet adorable. It a set of funny circumstances, our main blob ends up living with the family of Nu-13 in her coffee shop, where she learns about how to do things like make latte art, which I was not aware was actually “a thing.”

Save our main blob and Nu, there is also our tsukkomi/tsundere pig-tails girl who is, in fact, quite lonely. She reminds me strong of our friend Noire from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. She has her moments, but the show makes note that she is only a part timer; once it’s lights out, the girls part ways until tomorrow. What makes this bunny coffee shop badass?

At night it turns into a bar. Pretty freaking cool. Interestingly enough, the girl’s grandpa is apparently a fluffy little critter that resembles a single peep after being in the microwave for a bit too long. I wonder how that happened? I wasn’t expecting any fantasy in the series but I look at that as a gateway for wacky SOL hijinks hahaha.

The show is cute to a fault. They’re already like sisters despite just having met. I’d be more than content for a cute SOL show; nothing else is really necessary. We’ll take some well-handled drama if you’re serving it though.

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