Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka? – 8 – 12 (END)

I know, I know. For so long, so many of you have likely been wondering when the biggest question I’ve ever posed would be answered. That is, when will you find out whether the order is a rabbit?

Was it a rabbit? Maybe a goat? Perhaps it was spaghetti with marinara. Was the order a rabbit or not? For weeks, months even, I have neglected to answer this question in order to keep you waiting in earnest (because I am an asshole).

I am pleased to announce that the order was indeed a rabbit. Gentlemen, this is what we as a human race have been striving f- okay fuck this, being histrionic is losing its appeal to me very quickly.

So what can I say about this show? The last four episodes were, quite honestly, the best four episodes in the entire series. More than ever before did I find myself watching in earnest to see how my favorite little blobs would end up interacting. It went from a “fun” SOL to an absolutely, brutally cute and endearing one. I absolutely love our busty, mature writer – she’s so cute and floaty. This is a bit less objective, but Chiya and the writer woman are my absolute two favorites. They’re just so damn cute, seriously.

We’ve seen them celebrate christmas, scramble for presents, grow closer, learn more about each other, idolize one another, work together, and play together – The “Rabbit” family is a tight knit one that got closer than family in the last few episodes (Can’t forget about Chino’s classmates, both of whom are adorable). I feel like it took us too long to meet and become familiar with all of them and once we were, they were gone. It was over.

Uh, Rabbit? I’m not done yet, please give me my friends back. Chiya, miss writer, Cocoa, Chino, Rize? I’ll miss you. Please come back home soon. Love, your dad.

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