Sengoku Basara – Judge End – 4

In what appears to be a re-occurring theme in this show, Kenshin beat the shit out of someone else in this episode. While we’re on the subject of Uesegi Kenshin, isn’t it funny that I have covered two anime that are set in the Sengoku era featuring Nobunaga and his retainers in some capacity? Both of them are, ah, highly inaccurate in regards to historical accuracy, but who gives a flying shit about that stuff anyway? You probably shouldn’t be watching anime for realism, IMO. Especially NOT this show. Have you seen the previous two? Guys create tsunamis and stop volleys of arrows with the force of air.

So our young friend Sanada Genjiro Yukimura must literally take up the mantle and become his great lord Takeda himself. What does this mean? Naturally, to fight his greatest enemy, Uesegi Kenshin, with whom he foolishly engages in combat with only to be punked badly. The rivalry that Kenshin and Takeda share though is not a normal rivalry by any means. They’re mortal enemies, but they’re almost like friends (Does that make ANY sense?) – in this same sense, Kenshin gives Yukimura some fatherly advice on how to grow and not be defeated by Shingen’s illness. Kenshin is a swell guy isn’t he? Yukimura realizes his place in the Takeda and moves forward, Kenshin smiling as he leaves.

Meanwhile, Sasuke (otherwise known as the best wingman ever) and Kenshin’s bitch attempt to make an alliance with Ishida, with surprising success! Ishida accepts but unfortunately Yukimura’s long time rival Date comes busting the gate down and isn’t about to let Ishida, who hilariously doesn’t even remember his name, escape. Date has blood in his eyes and he’s fucking pissed. Even if Ishida is Hideyoshi and Nobunaga levels of strong, he’s about to get his fucking shit rocked. I’ve never been so excited for a next installment.

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