Reply: Hamatora – 3

Can somebody even tell me what happened in this episode? Seriously, I don’t remember. I don’t know what I find amusing about acting like a drunk guy that just stumbled into the room but it never gets old for me.

Ok – I did learn something from this episode. People that have creepy, receeding hairlines and scraggly hair and run around in their underwear are probably evil. Some dumbass naked artist does some dumb shit and everyone punches the hell out of each other, THE END!


Holy shit, we need to focus here – more importantly, Art appeared, and seemingly had the upper hand against Nice before the other Hamatora intervened, cock blocking art a second time from his kill. Honey, while using her minimum, also seems to have turned into a complete retard baby for some reason. I know I’m being, somehow, even less eloquent than usual but there’s really no better, emphatic description of her behavior.

So Art thinks he’s an epic, badass hot shot now that he has minimums and knows how Nice’s minimum works – yeah, we’ve heard all that before Art, Morale tried this shit too and it didn’t work very well. Birthday and Ratio BTFO’d Art so hard – hard to believe this is the same guy I was pissed off to see die by Morale’s hands last season. Funny how you view someone is so tepid, isn’t it? Didn’t take much for me to think he’s a massive faggot!

More interesting was to hear that the fledgling detective was actually in on helping the artistic psychopath carry out his plans. As most detectives in this show seem to be fairly rotten (and how the hell else could he have gotten away with painting himself? The guy is the ONLY ONE who did a body check on him) – I’m not too surprised by this. Quite the opposite. But who is he working for? Obviously, the answers to that question are much more interesting.

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