Kuroshitsuji – Book of Circus – 3

Another fantastic display of Kuroshitsuji at it’s absolute damn finest, a-la the canon “Jack the Ripper” arc and “Curry Contest” arc from the first season.

The whole time I was watching this episode, I was upset that it would be over too soon. And over too soon it was. I would marathon all 10 of them right here and now if they were available – waiting week to week for this show is absolute torture.

While I am familiar with the events this far into the story, I loved Sebastian’s tactful throws of pebbles to set Ciel’s dagger to the straight path into the bullseye. To a slightly less extent, I also enjoyed his use of pebbles to keep Ciel on the tightrope (although I’m certain Ciel would not agree with me). Sebastian and Ciel muse as to whether or not the missing children are at the circus and Sebastian exclaims that while he was unable to detect the presence of any children, they should search every nook and cranny before jumping to conclusions.

Oh, it was so nice to see Soma and Agni again. I missed you Agni you are so damn cool. Here’s hoping we get to see him in combat again soon!

I also loved the mystery about Snake. I seem to recall how Sebastian deals with him in the future, but they certainly build it up. I also love the subtle foreshadowing – i.e. Undertaker’s comment in the previous episode that Ciel seems unable to do anything on his own without Sebastian (which, later that episode, Ciel’s ability to take action without Sebastian is put directly into question). Or, Soma advising Ciel to smile more, later on for his biggest obstacle to joining Noah’s Arc circus that he was unable to smile (and then, even more ironically, given the nickname “Smile”). I’m certain this material was covered in the manga but it is a nice touch.

Oh, and William T. Spears showed up. Yup, the leader of the Shinigami is investigating the circus himself, which leads Sebastian to conclude that there is definitely something amiss in the circus if it requires the presence of a Shinigami. As usual, William and Sebastian do not get along very well.

Loved the music during the Shinigami flashback sequence. Sounds like this show is going to have a soundtrack to equal even the amazing soundtrack of the first show!

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