Free – Eternal Summer! – 4

Much interesting development here for many characters but most primarily Sosuke, who we learn to have a greater understanding of. Sosuke seems like such a nice guy when he’s conversing with friends, what is it about Rin focusing on his friends that sets him so off kilter? Bad past experience with losing focus of his dreams? Perhaps in the past he loved a friend who didn’t love him back? Usually anime with attribute these strange stigmas to a past trauma that will eventually be explained. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that Free has gone that somewhat tired route.

Sosuke makes a genuine attempt to connect with Rin and attempt to understand him rather than tell him he’s being “led astray” or some other knee-jerk close-minded bullshit, which was quite surprising. “Tell me what happened.” I was impressed. The whole time I was trying to determine whether or not he was being genuine and really believed Rin when he said that his “Friend’s saved him.” and that they “make (me) stronger.” At first I thought he was, then I thought he wasn’t, and then by the end of the episode I switched back to thinking he did again. What exactly is going on with this guy? What is he thinking?

Sosuke declares to Rin that he wants to see what he is talking about in a relay. This episode also showed us some troubles that Rin and Sosuke had on a relay together in the past – they don’t see eye to eye. Sosuke is an individual while Rin is a team player. Sosuke did not care to understand Rin’s point of view back then but now he cares about what he thinks – he wants to see the world as Rin sees it. Not sure if this means everything is okay between him and Haruto but I’m assuming he will attempt to clear the air with him while still remaining competitive. I’m glad this happened this early in the show – now we can focus on the more important stuff!

Rin is such a good captain. Loved his race with Sosuke at the end and the speech he gave to his kouhai about being on relays. It’s true – your heart has to be in it!

Oh, also, everyone getting graded on their food in the beginning of the episode was really, really funny. Makoto scored the highest!

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