Hamatora – 10

The inevitable meeting of two minds that we’ve been waiting for for a long time….

And so begin the endgame. Actually, the endgame had already begun last episode and I just didn’t notice.

That’s right; the big “Three” scandal was all part of Moral’s plan to expose the mostly unknown life and existence of minimum holders, which he has now successfully done and started riots reminisicent of Psycho Pass, end of cour one. Poor Three has to act as though he’s on the lamb in order to avoid drawing suspicion, and of course, being the good guy he is totally blames himself for all that has happened. It’s not your fault, Three.

Moral’s men and women begin taking the streets with their minimums and indiscriminately killing, to make matters worse. This has caused people to not only become aware of minimum holders but discriminate against them, causing riots and even MORE killing. Great! And to make matter worse, Honey and Three are unable to get the kids a new home as they are taken into custody by the old hag from the Takahiro episode.

Speaking of Takahiro…He’s back! Thanks to Moral’s men he’s been released from the minimum prison and his mind has returned. That said, he wants his old body back. Nice for some reason doesn’t want to help him and is a huge jerk about it. Thankfully, Murasaki wants to help him and both Takahiro and Hajime go on a diet, spurred on by Murasaki. That was about the end of the nice things this episode though.

Moral has further excacerbated the situation by calling out the people shit talking minimum holders and exposing their location for retribution from current minimum holders; he’s both created the problem and “resolved” it!

Becoming increasingly concerned about Art, Nice finally pays him a visit. Of course, he’s not there. Nice puts two and two together when he sees black coffee on his counter, which he knows he hates. He steps up to the roof and the inevitable meeting finally begins.

Moral’s programming friend questions someone on screen, wondering what he would think of this meeting. I’m assuming it’s Art’s dead body.

Excited for what happens next!

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