Noragami – 9

Yukkine’s massive teenage angst finally comes to a head…and then ends in this episode in the craziest excocism you’ll ever see. What a little shit he was up until the very end, too.

Kofuku and Daikoku agree to help…but only Hiyori for the moment, whom Kofuku cleans with water from their spring. Her blight his healed. Daikoku claims that in order to purify the two of them, Yato must either denounce and dissolve his contract with Yukkine or face a “punishment.” ¬†Ominously worded, indeed.

In order to perform this, Daikoku needs the assistance of two other regalia (Not including himself). He is able to enlist the help of his first regalia, who doesn’t want to see him die. He is unable to find a second. Hiyori hears this and rushes off to find Kazuma.

Kazuma chastises her on her lack of tact as if Bishamon heard her, she’d be dead. He then goes off to help Yato, saying he owes him personally much.

The punishment begins, and Yukkine is put under unbearable pain until he confesses to all the sins he’s committed. He of course, is obstinate and even threatens to kill everyone, causing the phantom on his back to grow worse and worse. Daikoku still holds out hope for Yuki even though the other two, Kazuma included, have already given up on him. Yato musters up the strength to call out his name and Hiyori counts him as a friend, proclaiming that if he kills Yato, one who acts as though he were his father, they’re not friends anymore.

Yukkine finally breaks, cries, and confesses to stealing, attempting to molest Hiyori (when did that happen? I remember a lot of teenage-boy sexual tension but that’s about it), lying a lot, and other things. The purification is successful and Yato’s blight is gone. They thank all the other regalia and Daikoku and Kofuku for their assistance.

Yato mentions that if it weren’t for Hiyori, they would be dead several times over. They owe her their lives. Hiyori is such a good girl, isn’t she?

All is well. Where does the show go from here, now that Yukkine’s story is solved? I’m assuming Bishamon is the endgame. We’ll see!

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