Noragami – 10

I apologize for being retarded, but I almost forgot about NORA with my last blog post…she’s one of the big, most foreshadowed plot threads in this entire show! Er, sorry about that. I’m dumb.

Anyway, this week has demonstrated that Yukkine has grown a lot from his past acts of adolescent misbehavior.  He’s started working for Daikoku to help repay them for helping him get through his little, uh, temper tantrum. It’s nice to see Hiyori, Yato, and Yukkine be buddies now that all the angst is out of the way. Yukkine seems to be hanging out with Hiyori as a friend now, as well.

Yato is also interested in FINALLY helping Hiyori regain her body. He’s not sure how but the fellows gods speculate that she can be saved by distancing herself from Yato.

Yes, all’s well and good…except for the fact that Yato took a job on New Year’s Eve. As expected of him, he’s not a very eventful person.  Or very exciting. Or a very good boss. But you can tell that Yukkine is happy to be with him now.

It’s all fun and games until they keep Hiyori waiting at a festival where she agrees to buy them food (The easiest way to get Yato to do what you want). They take a job to kill a phantom on the way and end up slaying tons of them until the crack of dawn. It turns out this is all a setup by Nora, who has contracted the help of the God Rabo. Apparently if you pray to Rabo, he can make anyone you want disappear.  Yikes. Nora is of the belief that Hiyori has made Yato weak, and thus seeks to eliminate her with her phantom wolves. It doesn’t work, but off screen she “does” something to Hiyori. It turns out that thing is make her forget about Yato completely, as when the two meet up with her she doesn’t recognize them at all.

Great. I’m looking forward to seeing this resolved.

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