Nagi no Asukara – 23

The great time of confessions. Finally! This show doesn’t have much time left so it’s about time we got the ball rolling here.

Is anybody else surprised at the fact that Hikari thinks that Manaka still likes Tsumugu? Anybody with half a brain figured out that she was over him by like, the fourth episode. Not sure why it took him so long to figure out this basic fact.

Anyways, on to this episode. Of course, we remember from last week that Manaka is unable to fall in love. Hikari asks Uroko if there is a way to undo this. Essentially, he doesn’t know, but it may be possible. Hikari believes that stimulating her feelings by having her as close as possible to the one she loves will bring her feelings back. He STILL thinks she was going to confess to him about Tsumugu. Is the guy bloody insane?

Anyways, Kaname and the others have what is undoubtably the most callous and retarded conversation of the show where they say “Hey, maybe it’s better she can’t love! It’s for the best. She doesn’t need it.” I don’t dislike Kaname but what a fucking dumb thing to say, seriously. Hey, Kaname, I’ve got an idea; how about you don’t tell other people what basic fucking human feelings they need, huh? Thankfully, Sayu did this for me and screamed at them, and Hikari further added that they were all cruel. Agreed and thank you.

Sayu is shaping up to be one of my favorites of the show; a nice girl that doesn’t make any beans about what’s right and doesn’t beat around the bush like Miuna does. Thankfully, she’s finally decided that, come hell or high water, she’s going to confess to Kaname. Good luck, Sayu!

Meanwhile, Hikari confronts Tsumugu about his plan and big surprise, Tsumugu has no romantic feelings for a 13 year old that he never had romantic feelings for in the first place. Hikari is being dense. Tsumugu also gets an ena, something of which I feel the guy rightfully deserved, being that ena’s are getting handed out like candy and he always loved the sea and has been kind to shioshishio residents. He accidently ends up revealing to Hikari that he loves Chiisake, who dives into the water and he gives chase. He DOES catch up with her and begin his confession…I hope she reciprocates!

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