Nobunaga the Fool – 8

“It was inevitable!” ~ Nobunaga at the supermarket after picking up the freshest pork cutlet.

Nobu gets serious, wisely remarking that they should stop infighting and instead turn to their enemies who will no doubt take advantage of their confusion. He also seems to, at least for the moment, have put a stop to the Oda dissent.

Da Vinci also reveals his study and observation of regalia and their uses; unsurprisingly, the user of the regalia and his ability largely determine how powerful the regalia itself will be. Given that, Nobu knows what he must do; claim the regalia that is rightfully his for defeating Shingen. To do that, he must defeat Caesar. Given that the Takeda outnumber him, he must come up with a plan which actually comes from Hideyoshi and Da Vinci.

Meanwhile, Jeanne keeps having a vision of Nobunaga getting impaled through the back by Caesar. It troubles her, but Da Vinci assures her that even a prophecy can be changed. That guy knows everything.

They erect a hologram of a castle which causes the Takeda to take arms and run straight into a mine field like a bunch of idiots. Nobunaga and Caesar go head to head in a no-holds barred grudge match. Nobunaga holds himself surprisingly well against him until Caesar does as Jeanne prophecised and stabs him. The difference here is that Jeanne rushes to his aid and unawaringly bestows a new regalia upon him, which he uses to, surprisingly (and somewhat disappointingly) defeat Caesar.

Given Caesar’s body count and manipulation of the Takeda clan, I was hoping he would have a bit more fanfare in his sendoff but eh, he was a jerk anyway so good riddance.

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