Nobunaga the Fool – 9

Nobunaga’s back and as it turns out, even more things are inevitable than usual this week! Also, thankfully, Caesar isn’t dead just yet.

As a matter of fact, Caesar has gone ahead and done the unthinkable by joining forces with the Uesegi. Anyone who knows a lick about Japanese history knows that Shingen and Kenshin are great rivals; while they greatly respect one another, I doubt they’d ever join forces, or at least even consider it. But here it is!

Caesar, of course, is manipulating the situation as usual but I don’t think Kenshin is going to be so easy to fool. He claims he “doesn’t like” Caesar. Hilarious!

Meanwhile, Mitsuhide is having nightmares about killing Nobukatsu, as well as having doubts as to whether he is down the right path at all. He remarks about how it is too  late given his hands are already stained in blood. Lady Ichihime talks to him about some nonsense about living in the light and whatnot. To be honest, I was thinking about the bagel I ate this morning during this scene.

Damn good bagel. 

Jeanne also has her own war armor, which is freaking awesome! Thanks to Da Vinci, it has been built from spare parts left over from the Takeda. She has to learn how to use it and as circumstances would have it, she is unable to activate her regalia making her pretty useless. Given her war armor is defensive, she hopes to use it to protect Nobunaga; something he claims he doesn’t need as he “speeches” the will to activate her regalia into her. It was pretty impressive, actually.

Some of the old fogeys that have never liked Nobunaga were considering putting someone else in power. Despite eventually backing down from this, they still want Nobunaga to submit to Caesar, hoping to preserve their name. They don’t know what kind of man Nobu is at this point? Come on guys.

Oh, the Oda clan’s morale is also crazy high after Da Vinci broadcast his epic speech to the entire Oda faction.

Next stop, the Uesegi!

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