Nobunaga the Fool – 7

Nobunaga, now taking charge and bemoaning the fact he was unable to prevent Nobukatsu’s death, questions himself and what he can possibly do to bring Nobukatsu’s killer to justice.

Surmising it may be an assassin, he holds a council as they speculate as to whether it was the Uesegi or the Takada that took young Nobukatsu’s life. Mitsuhide, clearly feeling the pangs of guilt for what he’s done, struggles the entire episode with his own remorse. Mitsu suggests that it’s likely Takeda has done it. What does Nobunaga suggest?

To seek council with Shingen and ask him whether he’s done it or not. Yup, sounds like Nobu all right.

Anyways, he and Jeanne march up to seek council with Shingen who gladly accepts their company despite being enemies. Caesar is also watching from above, which is about the only thing that made me wary since he’s clearly the big evil here. Takeda proclaims that he did not, in fact, kill Nobukatsu. Nobunaga remarks that he’s telling the truth, as Shingen is a man that believes he can defeat Nobunaga without acts of cowardice such as assassination.

After a quick drink, Nobunaga and Takeda decide to finally settle things once and for all in a one on one fight. A great battle ensues, but Nobunaga reigns victorious over Shingen. Shingen, being a man of honor, relinquishes his regalia over to Nobunaga to congratulate him on his victory. Before he can finish his final words, he’s struck in the back by Caesar, who later manipulates the Takeda by lying to them that Nobu struck him in the back and ran.

So, what can we take away from this? Things are escalating further and Caesar is a giant dick. That’s about it! I’m personally most interested in seeing what happens when Mitsuhide’s true actions are uncovered by Nobunaga…I wonder if history will play itself out before that even comes to be? We’ll see.

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