Hamatora – 8

This week brings us Okinawa and introduces us to a drug called Ideal which puts its users into an eternal slumber. The Hamatora are not far behind and pose once again as Theo’s teacher’s in order to get a free flight. Nice is a cheap bastard.

Moral, now having completed his “Snatch” of Art, is posing as him and using his identity to do dumb evil shit. Moral is not the focus this episode as featured a bit more prominently is Murasaki and his slight inferiority complex to Nice, who has all but usurped his position as number 1. Murasaki lets us in on a secret; he’s always excelled and easily been the best at anything he’s accomplished until Nice came along. Again, Nice has obstructed yet another person in their goals and taken possession of their attention. Quite an interesting one, he is.

In the pursuit of the creator of Ideal, the Hamatora’s client reveals that it is his brother who is creating the drug. Nice speculates that people use it as an escape. Yes, Nice, drugs are usually used improperly for that purpose. Eventually, they find that their client’s brother has already taken his own drug and succumbed to eternal slumber. Murasaki chides him for being “pathetic” and not dealing with reality as he has, revealing a bit of an inferiority complex he houses to Nice. An interesting spin on his character.

Lots of silliness ensues when a bunch of thugs with the trademark pompador challenge Theo to the triathalon, which promises a lot of “Bitter melon patties”. Apparently Okinawa is known for this bitter melon which Nice was unable to track down so naturally, he’s down for this shit. Unfortunately for Theo and the gang, the Okinawan’s have hired pretty much every other minimum user we know, including Ratio, Birthday, Three, and Honey. Great!

One by one they are weeded out in the competition until Nice and Murasaki, revealed to have been secretly competing all along, are left. Murasaki puts forth a valiant effort but still loses to Nice, accepting his loss but unwilling to admit that he’s better. Like true bros, they shake it out and all is well. Their struggle also rouses their client’s brother to awaken and the episode ends very happily…Although I was waiting for them to explain or at least postulate on why he woke up? I thought they couldn’t awaken from ideal..also, what does this mean for the other victims? Ah, who cares, it was a happy ending!

The very last scene of the episode shows us that Moral is ready to perform, I’m assuming, minimum inducing surgery on patients that he’s abused his new identity as Art to accomplish. Who is his accomplice, anyway? That weird looking lady.

With few episodes left, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable showdown between Nice and Moral occurs. Hope it’s sooner than later!

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