Saki – Zenkoku – Hen 8

The touted Hatsumi from the previous episode begins her reign of terror!….

Uh, attempts to begin her reign of terror. Our well informed monocle girl, Sae, apparently has the ability to shut down anyone’s ability to create a hand. By focusing her power on Hatsumi, she effectively cockblocks who could be the most powerful contestant in this round by preventing her from putting together a decent hand. Nadoka is certainly grateful for this (although I doubt she would admit it and I’m sure she could hold her own) as she continues her usual game.

I must applaud Sae’s decision on who to target as it’s no doubt that Hatsumi is the greatest danger in this round (And especially one of the most unknown dangers as well).

Sae comes under great stress as her power is difficult to use on one who is as powerful as Hatsumi; much like our friend from Senriyama, Toki Onjouji, she begins to be physically worn for such extensive use of her power. Sae also bemoans Nadoka who is seemingly unaware of what is going on (and appears to be feeding Hatsumi). I sincerely doubt she is unaware; more likely than not Nadoka already has a plan and is playing far ahead of Sae, who was annoying insulting towards Nadoka.

Kinue, easily the weak link in the room, plays a modest game and gets a few surprise rons in the first half of the game. I’m waiting for Nadoka’s big gambit to be revealed next episode. You’ll see, Sae.

So Nadoka, any chance of coming over to the supernatural side? You could be better than shoe-less Saki!

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