Noragami – 8

Yukine’s angst hits full terminal velocity as Yato’s blight continues to worsen to the point of no return this episode.

We can see that Bishamon is still on the hunt for Yato this episode as she pays a visit to Kofuku’s residence to attempt to put an end to the wells of phantoms that have popped up recently (Recall that, two episodes prior, Kofuku herself was responsible for the creation of one of these). Bishamon brings up the inevitable question of her relation to Yato, saying she wasn’t aware they were friends. Kofuku proclaims she is while Bishamon muses as to whether or not Kofuku is trying to protect Yato from her. Kofuku gets surprisingly scary and threatens Bishamon by letting her know that if anything happened to Yato, she’d come after her. Wow. Way to go Kofuku! Gotta love her otherwise carefree attitude!

Yato takes on a client this episode who is nothing but a high school boy who is getting repeatedly bullied. Yato entrusts with him the power to end his suffering and give up his humanity in exchange by killing the bullies; a surprising thing for him to do, indeed! Yato gives him a switchblade (I am NOT making this up) and instructs him to give his enemy a blade as well. While the boy comes dangerously close to sullying his hands in blood, he stops just short, makes the other kid wet himself, and comes to his senses. Yato reveals he was watching all along and would have intervened before things got too out of hand. See? Not such a bad guy after all!

Yukine, meanwhile, claims Yato doesn’t understand him and goes off to look in the classrooms. He ruminates as to whether or not he enjoyed a normal school life when he was still alive. It isn’t long before he longs to have friends like the ones he sees around him. Yato continues to bear the brunt of his angst as his blight grows even bigger and more painful. Yukine starts screaming and breaking shit for no good reason other than the realization he could never have that sort of life. Hiyori, being the big girl, picks up the now unconscious Yato, gives Yukine a quick mommy scolding and rushes off to Kofuku and her husbando (As per Yato’s earlier instructions). Kofuku’s husband quickly puts up a barrier and refuses to respond or help Hiyori save Yato’s life, although Kofuku herself seems shaken and upset.

I can speculate what his reasons are, and the only thing that comes to mind is that the blight is contagious and he wants it away from Kofuku. That’s about all I’ve got. We’ll find out next week for sure.

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