Hamatora – 12

I find myself saying this a lot, but holy shit what an ending. Winter 2014 was the strongest winter season I’ve seen for anime since I started watching religiously 10 or so years ago.

What’s left to happen in Hamatora? Nothing other than the Art vs Moral smackdown we’ve been waiting for since the third episode or so. Everything ends this episode as Moral injects himself with the forbidden minimum 0 which he obtained from the police headquarters. Obviously, injecting yourself with a second, artificial minimum when you already have one is hella dangerous and extremely stupid (Moral has shown his mental fiber isn’t the most stable). Now considering himself Nice’s equal, the stage is set for the final battle.

It’s interesting how modern Hamatora is, in regards to the use of technology, the meta created by the internet, and the impact it has on a normal person’s daily life. Unfortunately for just about everyone, Moral understands this deeply and that’s likely why he employed the help of a networking specialist. She might be from geek squad. In any event, Art’s partner finds and apprehends her.

Murasaki and Nice confront Moral. Murasaki handles the nameless lackies while Nice confronts the big bad. Moral has stated that by giving Nice a wall, he hopes he is able to attain eternal peace. Moral’s thinking is actually not so crazy; those at the top have no equals and nothing to surpass. By giving Nice a challenge and becoming that wall, he is sating that hunger that those at the top might have, despite Nice’s protests that this isn’t the case. Interesting theory but bat-shit crazy in practice, as Moral has lost it. Nice gets his ass summarily handed to him in the beginning of the fight, especially having his feelings rattled about Art and Takahiro.

The show begins to pull the cliche but still lovable “Everybody, tell MC-kun he can do it!” but then subverts the trope at the last minute; Nice is annoyed and chucks his phone into the drink, telling everyone to shut up. Love this show’s spunk.

He backs off and figures out a counter strategy, which seems to be anticipation of Moral’s teleports. They get into a dragonball z battle pretty much (It’s actually really awesome, but short) and Nice comes out the victor. Moral is coughing up blood, as the effects of using two minimums is finally catching up to him. He’s no threat anymore.

Here’s the kicker: Art enters from the adjacent room on the boat. ART. He’s alive? Not only is he alive, he puts that miserable fucker Moral out of his misery. Although unnecessary, he totally deserved it. Nice is amazed he is alive and questions why it was necessary to kill him, before having a gun put to his head by Art, who pulls the trigger.

What happens next? NO FUCKING CLUE! We got a “to be continued.” Can it even be speculated on what happened, and why? I certainly couldn’t tell you. What a ride this show was, though. Hopefully we’ll find out relatively soon!

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