Kill la Kill – 24

And so ends what was a fantastic ride. It’s nice to see we get at least one show of Kill la Kill quality every year. This year, well…it was Kill la Kill.

While Kill la Kill never had the most intricate story, the true fun lied in the character interaction and depth of conflict between two personalities and viewpoints clashing with each other, leaving room for only the victor to stand on top. This episode featured many ups and downs for our heroes (from a jamming signal that disabled their goku uniforms, to Nui clones, to Ragyou’s kamui) but ultimately it was teamwork and an unlikely alliance that saved the day.

Let me just say that Ragyou was a fantastic villain. Not very often do you have villains with such an intimidating and commanding presence as Ragyou. Charismatic, crazy as shit, and downright frightening, Ragyou was everything a great villain should be, and it’s duly appreciated here.

The great Honnouji academy assault also gave us a few last moments to appreciate not only Mako for being the biggest surprise of the entire show, but also the elite four who can hold their own even against Nui’s clones. Lest we forget, Gamagoori’s insane bravado and willpower was certainly a sight to behold. Gamagoori, you’re awesome and we will certainly miss you and your hugeness.

It was also a nice touch (and a bit of a revelation) that Satsuki was able to understand and converse with Seneketsu, a revelation that ultimately led to their victory, but unfortunately to the latter’s doom. Senketsu can also be described as a surprise in himself; who ever expected to be able to love a piece of clothing so much? He had so much personality and conviction; he truly believed in Ryuuko and treated her as a partner. In fact, it is often those that aren’t human that I get so attached to. Senketsu, you faught the good man’s fight. Rest in peace!

Where do we go from here? Apparently there’s an OVA coming out in September. Hopefully we have cute Ryuuko’s doing cute things. Or Satsuki. Man, go back to the first episode and take a look at how fearsome she is. What a difference!

That’s it for me for this show.

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