Witch Craft Works – 11

And all the serious shit finally goes down. FURTHER!

Takamiya suffers massive amounts of pain due to his contract with the boundary. It ends up linking him further with Kazane to the point he sees her memories in his dazed stupor. Some of the more interesting things are the fact that he would have known Ayaka and Kazane before he actually met them. How  could that be, though? He clearly met them throughout the events of this show, right?…

Well, about that..turns out our one friend Kyoichiro Mikage (the teacher guy) specialty includes wiping one’s memory. You can figure out the rest! Not sure why he ended up doing the deed though. He talks with Takamiya, explaining where he is and why everyone else is there. He also mentions once this whole incident is over, he will restore everyone’s memories so they have no recollection of the “Weekend” incident.  It doesn’t take long before the Tower witches under Weekend’s command even invade their space. Mikage tells Takamiya to return to the real world while he handles the small fry, which we later see that he dispatches easily.

Takamiya’s sister finds herself up against a doppleganger, who matches her every move and is ready to deal the finishing blow (the jobber witches are standing by but are too afraid to act). Who saves her? Medusa. Yup! Medusa chastises her subordinates for being cowardly and flies off, knowing the work shop witches will be after her soon if she doesn’t move. And sure as shit, they were. 

Now on to the juicy stuff. Ayaka meets Weekend in a church, who apparently was expecting her. Ayaka gains the upper hand several times, despite having no magic without Takamiya until she ends up in a disadvantageous situation with Weekend surprisingly the victor. That is…until she reveals she’s been saving mana in her from Takamiya until she got close enough. She fries the ever loving shit out of Weekend in what appears to be a victory…until Weekend regenerates and summons her familiars, defeating Ayaka. Weekend reveals she’s stored mana for a whole year and is dedicating it strictly for recovery and at this point, she’s bone dry.

Takamiya makes his way there and saves Ayaka. With mana, she effortless beats the shit out of both Weekend and her nameless subordinate. It was so quick that if you blinked you probably missed it. Weekend reveals that she has already “pushed the switch.” What does the switch do? Look, when a villain has a switch, it’s 98% likely that it’s for explosives that kill everyone.

And that is also the case here! WHAT DID I TELL YOU? Next week is the last episode; I expect a lot of damage control and Kazane ass kicking.

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