Witch Craft Works – 10

The battle against Weekend begins and this time, our heroes have to do it without any magic.

Yup. Great!

Only the Tower Witches are able to use magic now that Kazane’s barrier has gone down. This leaves everyone very, very vulnerable to Weekend’s tactics (especially considering that, aside from Chronoire, she is by far the most threatening character on the show). Work shop witches bite the dust one by one as Kazane recovers. However, Ayaka and Takamiya aren’t satisfied by sitting on their laurels until Kazane returns. What are they going to do, you ask?

Re-arm the barrier. Takamiya freaks out a bit when he sees his very own city burning, a pile a of rubble. Ayaka informs him that everyone is safe and as soon as they bring the barrier up, everything should revert. Takamiya’s sister uses the opportunity to team up with the jobber witches (Who can actually use magic because they’re tower witches and therefore, are a huge asset) to try to put a dent in Weekend’s forces.

Chronoire is excited that someone managed to defeat Kazane and seeks to do battle with this person. Weekend may have bitten off more than she can chew with her…

Takamiya restores the barrier, but is shortly knocked out by Ayaka who claims that this is now personal. And now, Weekend has pissed off the second most powerful person in the show. Let’s see her survive this.

Also, Rinon and the other manage to not only outmaneuver a gambit by Weekend where she threatened to denote several work shop witches if Takamiya wasn’t handed over to her, but also captured her. It didn’t last long as she had several explosives set in place.

Looking forward to seeing Ayaka kick her ass.

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