Noragami – 12

Another one bites the dust this week (and I’m extremely unhappy to see this one end); Noragami’s final episode is upon us.

Noragami finishes its run this past week and in order to do so, Hiyori needs her memories back, Raibou needs his ass kicked, and everyone else needs to be able to have a happy ending. Ok, none of that needs to happen but that’s how I’d like it to play out, ok. Hey, stop saying I have shit taste, I can hear you, you know! Hopefully the darkness contained in this episode will be a little less than the average urobutcher story amount of edge.

Raibou and Yato finally have their confrontation. Raibou’s aim is apparently to draw out the old god of calamity in Yato, and to do so, he realizes he needs to be edgier by slicing his wrists ok, I’m kidding. He decides to remove all of Hiyori’s memories, but not without teasing Yato first. Hoping to have enraged our hero, he finds out quickly that he got exactly what he wanted; he summarily gets his ass kicked. Desperate for the power necessary to stand on even footing with this enraged Yato, he fuses with a phantom. Getting the power that he wanted, he combats Yato and manages to hold his own…until he takes out Hiyori with a giant boulder.

Luckily, Yato is faster and manages to save her. But what does it matter now? She has forgotten everyone and everything…that is, until she smells a familiar scent. It’s Yato, and suddenly, it all rushes back to her. She kicks Yato off of her and Yato finds his strength again, the warmth returning to his face. Yato fells Raibou in one blow. Raibou then tells all; he wanted to die. After waking up from his 500 year slumber, he wanted to be slain by the one he felt to be most like him. Yato exclaims that they’re nothing alike, and Raibou passes on.

There’s not much to speak of beyond this. Yato does get a little warm when talking about Hiyori and Hiyori herself does blush a bit and say things that could be misconstrued as a confession. It was sweet. We’ll miss you, Noragami. Come back for a second season please?

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