Nagi no Asukara 25 + 26

Why did I combine both episodes into one post? Well…I watched them back to back. So, I figured I may as well combine the two suckers. Ok, enough introductory-nobody-cares-bullshit, let’s get on with the show.

The 25th episode of Nagi no Asukara involved many things, among them the realization to everyone that Manaka does indeed love Hikari; apparently the only one with enough sense to know this is Tsumugu. Congratulations, Tsumugu, on not being mentally impaired like the rest of our cast! Notice I even gave you more than one congratulation, which is more than what we used to get in the old days!

Tsumugu confronts Chiisake very logically about who she actually loves, and she reluctantly admits that she has feelings for Tsumugu. I couldn’t even begin to say how cute this scene was. Finally, we’ve got those two together at last! Miuna also forces Hikari to repeat his feelings for Manaka, which she knows he holds. I do feel bad for Miuna but I’d feel worse for her if her fanbase wasn’t the most obnoxious shipping fandom of all time. Our friends continue to prepare for the boatdrift festival this time with the full support of Lord Uroko, who confesses he still harbors feelings for the maiden that passed away long, long ago. It was touching in an “Old man telling you a story and you’re like ‘okay’ kinda way” (Relatable, am I right).

Hikari champions the boatdrift festival once again and of course…the same situation transpires, capturing Miuna in the maiden graveyard. On the other hand though, Manaka DOES get her feelings and ena back, so yay!

Miuna is eventually let free by the sea god, who upon hearing Uroko’s story rends the entire graveyard apart, realizing what he had done to the maiden he loved. Uroko wryfully laughs at the situation. Thankfully, Hikari (who had previously said he would give up his own feelings to save her) grabs her and they escape. It seems as though all of Shioshishio has awoken as Hikari’s father meanders over to them and explains all; perhaps there is no reason to forbid their children to intermarry with the land dwellers, as Miuna and Tsumugu are living proof that they can still have ena. In addition, Hikari’s old man mentions that he heard everything Hikari would tell him in his sleep. Made me smile.

Miuna gives up on her first love (and it looks like there is hope for beta-kun that loved her before, as narrative foreshadowing shows he still has a chance). Tsumugu shares a warm moment with Manaka, says his goodbyes to the old man and Chiisake and heads out to university. He promises to return at the end of the month. I know they’re fictional, but I’m happy for those two.

It seems that Sayu is still trying to impress Kaname, and I wish her luck. Hikari claims he is content with not rushing things along with Manaka, saying that he’ll let them play out naturally. Good job, Hikari. They share a tender scene at the end, remembering all that has happened between them.

Isn’t that what love is? Love is memories, passion, feeling as though you belong. Sharing all those memories with the one you love only serves to make it stronger. Fighting for love is also part of the game; with a struggle (whether an internal or real, tangible one) it feels that much stronger. Hikari and Manaka have already begun on many of those concepts and I feel that Hikari understands that. Most importantly, love is a learning experience where the two of you learn together, but honestly, that’s part of the fun. Somehow this show conveyed those ideas and I can’t help but nod in agreement.

Amazing show, and surprisingly touching for being a “ship” war at the core. Certainly unpredictable as well without feeling cheap. I’ll miss you guys.

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