Saki – Zenkoku – hen 12

And another season of Saki “unofficially” draws to a close, with Kyosumi and Hinematsu the victors that proceed to the next round.

Wait, what.

Hine-fucking-matsu, really?! Uh. You mean the weakest school in the rotation of the four of them? They somehow beat Miyamori and Eisui, with their far better players and overall broken-ass abilities?

Well, I’m a little upset over that (in case you couldn’t tell!) That, uh, that sucks. See, because in my opinion, not only is Hinematsu the weakest school but they’re also the least interesting; I can’t even recall anything about them other than the purple haired girl and their arrogant captain who is, admittedly, a great mahjong player and certainly fearsome. But they didn’t deserve it over Miyamori or Eisui, with their far better cast and much more interesting players. Seriously, I love almost everyone on Miyamori. I love Eisui and their god-descending game breaking bullshit.

Kyouko’s entire victory was essentially orchestrated by Saki anyway, and I doubt she would have made it through if she didn’t throw her that Baiman tsumo to achieve +/- 0. In any event, that’s how it went down.

I will greatly miss Miyamori and their antics, especially their coach, who seems to be as disappointed as I am that they are not moving on. Poor Toyone; it’s hard to remember how vulnerable she actually is because she seems like a creepy doll when playing the others in mahjong.

Hisa notices that Saki never took her socks off during the “battle”, so it’s unlikely she really felt that threatened. Saki pretty much held full control and dominated the flow of the match; as I mentioned in my previous entry, it was a sight to behold to see Saki unrestrained at full power. What happens now? Apparently a beach episode, which I am okay with.

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