Witch Craft Works – 12

Weekend continues the process that we’ve witnessed thus far in this show; she gets her ass kicked, shows that it was all according to keikkaku and escapes, and then gets her ass kicked, and then keikkaku’s outta there again, etc. etc.

Thanks to our unlikely ally Chronoire, the cycle of endless eight is broken!

Takamiya sacrifices himself for the good of his city by offering his soul to the white witch, despite being explicitly being told not to do this by Ayaka. What else is new? I’m pretty sure he never does anything that she asks of him. Anyways, he is told that by doing this he will also offer up Ayaka’s life, which is the only thing that makes him hesitate. Who can blame him? In any event, he claims the “good of the many outweigh the good of the few” and offers up their lives. What happens next is seemingly bizarre.

Ayaka appears to offer up her life in exchange for Takamiya’s, a fact that surprises Weekend, as she did not think the terms of the contract could be altered thusly. Mikage (through the other witch’s familiar) comes onto the scene to help Takamiya and surmises that she is, in fact, not actually dead, but instead she implemented a fail-safe; if Takamiya ever offers up his life, the white witch should void their contract. This is what happened, and in order to re-instate the contract, Takamiya has to kiss her. On the lips. Pucker up! In any event, Ayaka awakens and their contract is re-instated.

Cocky as hell, Weekend departed before this all went down and unfortunately for her was intercepted by Chronoire, who kicked the shit out of her. Badly. Then who comes meandering over? Kazane, who is actually fine and was able to escape the whole time, but didn’t hoping that the “youngsters could take care of it.” Take care of it they did, too.

Chronoire and Kazane, no longer concerned with Weekend, settle their old score before apprehending her.

What happens now? Life goes back to normal for Takamiya and Ayaka..for now. The jobber witches are back to no good, but it hasn’t done them much. Life as usual. I have to say that this show surprised me with how good it was. Hoping for more in the future!

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