Saki – Zenkoku – hen 13

And that’s all the Saki we’re getting for like, another three years! GREAT!

In any event, this episode was tying all the loose ends up with Achiga and catching us up to the present with Kiyosumi. For a wrap up episode, I probably enjoyed this way more than I should have. Not only that, but the path has been paved for our next contenders in the following round. Whoever Kiyosumi ends up against, I sincerely doubt it will ever be as challenging as Shiraitodai, Senriyama, and Shindouji, who our Achiga girls had to face in their final round.

I loved it when Nadoka and Miho watched on as Subara played against Teru in what I believe to be the best match of the series. I could write a whole entire article on that match alone but I’m surprised there were no earthquakes or casualties or BLOOD. Seriously, greatest match in Saki history. What an intense struggle.

Nadoka also mets the Achiga’s and caught up as we saw at the end of Achiga-hen. We also got to hear other things we knew about Nadoka like her relationship with the Achiga’s in the form of an interview. It was all very nice until I realized this was the last I’d see of these characters for another three years because Ritz writes slow as shit.

What am I looking forward to next season? Other than the obvious, I’m looking forward to Hisa slamming the shit out of Hinematsu’s braggart-ass captain. I want her to drown her in her own tears. I know it will happen.

Then we draw closer to the finals in what will be Kiyosumi vs Shiraitodai vs Achiga vs mystery school? Honestly, I hope it isn’t Hinematsu, I really don’t even like them. Especially since Senriyama and Shiraitodai were way better schools and they didn’t advance at all.

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