Kill la Kill – 23

I’m going to kill-la-kill myself.

And so begins the final battle! Mako proves her usefulness by, uh, generally getting tossed around? Who cares man she looks cool. The elite four also reveal they’ve had goku uniforms of their own being worked on by the sewing club. They bust them out in a fashion that will make you squee with joy, it’s truly an awesome sight to behold.

Meanwhile, Ragyou attempts to awaken the original life fiber. Easily fending off both Ryuuko and Satsuki, she tells them how futile what they’re doing is while generally being crazy. You know, typically bad guy stuff. Ryuuko, however, initiates a desperate gambit with a small hand signal which involves…her getting cut in half? Great plan, Ryuuko.

…Or so it seems! Satsuki apparently is just buying time for Ryuuko to circle around and get a good strike on her. It was aaaaallll an illusion. Ryuuko makes her way to the inside of the life fiber and destroys the thing successfully!

Anybody else feel bad for Tsumugu? The guy used to be epic but nowadays he can’t really do much. It’s like everyone else is a saiyan and he’s just a human or something. Poor genetic material.

Our allies regroup just in time to realize that the true threat lies in infiltrating the academy that Satsuki herself built. To make matters worse, Ragyou gives the eternally irrelevant Nui her arms back (although clarifies she’d be unable to use them for sewing again). Great, I’m so happy she’s still in the story! There is only one way this story is getting resolved, and we’re about to see it. Stay tuned.

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