Free – Eternal Summer! – 2

So remember when I was talking about Free isn’t Free without copious drama? Well, we got it here in full force. There’s little to talk about but I have to say I was surprised with how forceful and aggressive Sosuke got with Haruto. It seemed beforehand that he was simply irked but at that moment all came into focus – like a boiling volcano, he was attempting to keep a lid on something that was moments from exploding. And explode it did.

Sosuke is mostly a cool guy with the exception of his overreaction to the way that Haruto treated Rin by getting him DQ’d at the end of last season – To say that this irked him is a gross understatement. As usual, Haruto doesn’t remember or think he did anything wrong (really, he didn’t) and just wants everyone to leave him the fuck alone and can you really blame him? Somebody is always getting up in his face starting shit. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

Sosuke and Haruto end up competing, indirectly, in a relay. Haruto ends up winning (but made me sweat several buckets first) which is good because it’s clear it was personal with Sosuke. To put it bluntly, Sosuke can take the massive chip on his shoulder and shove it up his ass.

Haruto is stoic, but sometimes being stoic and showing less can cause others to rise to greater action and show even more. I’m not sure if this is the thought process but a part of me thinks that Sosuke is bothered because while he and Haruto are acquainted, he doesn’t know him well enough and mistakes his generally stoic nature as apathy – as though he intentionally “dragged down Rin” with the hopes of beating him and using him. That seems like a hell of an assumption to make about somebody, but when you’re pissed, you’re pissed. I doubt thinking clearly is going to be high on the list – instant gratification and revenge WILL be, though.

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