Sengoku Basara – Judge End – 1 & 2

Sengoku Basara – a game series which is also an anime series that enjoy a confusing history that may or may not have anything to do with real japanese history. Please fully enjoy and digest that needlessly confusing sentence.

So this follows up the latest and greatest Sengoku installment, “The Last Party”, right? Nope! Actually, it follows the story of the games a bit more closely, rewriting certain aspects of the latter half of the second season. Key elements include this major one: Ieyasu is the one who kills Hideyoshi, not Masamune as the second season depicted (which it depicted because of the focus on Yukimura and Masamune). Ieyasu betrays Ishida, Hideyoshi, and Hanbei, with the latter two dying and Ishida thirsty for revenge on his former friend. Remember, this is crazy “I fucked up Masamune” Ishida from the beginning of Last Party, not “I’m changed and had sense knocked into me” Ishida from the end of Last Party. Remember, that shit didn’t happen in this universe!

You may have noticed that Ieyasu has a new advisor. That advisor is actually voiced by none other than series vet T.M. Revolution. Holy shit.

So what happens? Following the plotline of the third game (Given we have the first two games safely behind us at this point), shingen is sick and Yukimura must rise up to take his place. Ieyasu thinks that he can unite the world with bonds rather than brute force – a fact he demonstrates by attacking the fuck out of the Takeda land. Ok. Listen, Ieyasu, that is not how you do this. Usually you build bonds with people by NOT eviscerating the shit out of them.

Kojirou, weakened and hurt, ends up fighting Kenshin and getting owned, also. I always deemed Kenshin and Shingen to be stronger than pretty much everyone but my god they’re not throwing the poor guy a bone, instead treating him like some greenhorn which is kinda annoying. Did Masamune and Kojirou get nerfed or something?

Animation quality is decent but we’re sorely missed product I.G. and Sawano’s soundtrack. That said, let’s see where this goes.

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