Hitsugi no Chaika – 2

While it would seem the world in Hitsugi no Chaika is no more fleshed out than before (albeit only slight by observing surroundings), it would appear that we’ve hit the “main plot” as it were. And it isn’t.

As mentioned previously, lion-wizard man’s supernatural powers are only artificial and provided in full by the severed arm of Chaika’s father, and I’m serious this is what the story is I’m not making this shit up! Chaika’s aim is to gather all the lost, severed parts of her dad and manages at the same time to not make this sentiment creepy; rather it is endearing. Why is it endearing? She’s collecting the severed body parts of her father! I don’t have an answer for you if you’re looking for a satisfactory response to that quandry.

As it turns out, several enemies have attempted to draw suspicion upon Chaika by saying the usual cryptic stuff such as “She’s not who she appears to be” and “Don’t you know who she is?” These questions have failed to stir the pot with our heroes who unfailingly seem to trust her, and I could hardly blame her because I wouldn’t trust someone who tried to murder me with mounted swords a moment earlier either. He needs to shave also.

Toru and Akari make the inevitable and slightly predictable choice of siding with Chaika, much to the chagrin of the man of nobility who visited our lion-esque friend earlier, who attempts to tell them they have “no idea what they’re getting into working for her”, etc. A smoke bomb later, and Toru is fighting one of his lackies on the bridge in what is the most impressive action sequence of the show thus far and I must confess I was excited watching it. A stab in the arm later (Toru appears to have the same forgiving mentality that plagues many main characters) and the fight is over. Toru and Akari profess that they will aid Chaika in her journey to find her father’s, uh, pieces. Let’s call them that, okay?

Because it appears that this is where this show is actually going to begin, I will reserve judgment and simply leave it at this: I find what we’ve seen thus far a bit routine but promising if taken in the right direction. More superficially, Chaika is really cute and I just want to love her. Toru is somewhat badass but hasn’t really achieved much dimension in my book thus far. Akari is a bit more interesting but we truly know nothing about them or the world we inhabit. Again, I’m jumping the gun a bit; let’s take a step back and watch what unfolds next.

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