Hitsugi no Chaika – 1

Bones, doing three shows this season? Say it ain’t so. It IS so, though (and I’m pretty happy about that!)

Enter Hitsugi no Chaika – a show revolving around a dead evil emperor’s moe-ass daughter and the giant coffin thing she carries on her back. Wait, she’s the daughter of an evil dead emperor but she’s still moe? You look at those eyebrows and tell me she isn’t, mister.

While Chaika has a lot of personality and I love her fragmented speech, I wish that the show padded out our MC and his sister a bit more (although I must say his sister does have a bit of spunk to her and I do like her). MC-kun isn’t so bad, I just feel like we know absolutely nothing about him at all. Maybe that’s what the narrative is shooting for; maybe he’s supposed to be this mysterious dude and the exposition will come gradually – and that’s cool with me – but I guess I’m just dying for more details for once.

The pacing is quick and fierce – our heroes accept a job for the cute chaika and break into the mansion of an artificial but deadly wizard to retrieve something that is precious to Chaika – no doubt it’s that creepy hand he was talking to earlier in the episode. Yuck. He can have it. The wizard proves to not be a jobber at all and turns the tides quickly against our hero.

Something that is often unstated is that cool incantations are appreciated, and this show has a pretty cool one before our hero activates his “battle” form or something. I’m not sure what it does but I’d assume it enhances his abilities. I’m certain ensuing episodes will provide full detail on this.

An interesting start, but I can’t help but feel the world doesn’t yet have any dimension. I’m enjoying it – and I loved the zombie unicorn fight right in the beginning – but something feels as though it were missing. I can’t exactly put my finger on it yet. Maybe it’s because I don’t know exactly what kind of world we’re in – although it seems to be a fantasy-esque one (I know, I’m a genius.) I can’t pounce on the show too fast – after all, this was only the first episode! Let’s see where it takes this introductory plotting. Knowing Bones, it’s going to be a great ride and we’ll want to all be on board anyway.

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