Hitsugi no Chaika – 10 – 12 (END)

Chaika, destroyer of breads, destroyer of worlds. How many breads has Chaika destroyed?

Chaika leaves us on a high note with an action packed, interesting finale full of, once again, excellent pacing and genuine intrigue. Have I ever used the word intrigue without being immediately preceded with “genuine”? I really think I ought to start fleshing out my vocabulary. Next I’ll be saying other new things like “Intensely Interesting”, wow that’s a new one!! Sorry. I am prone to using the same phrases over and over again.

Now tell me what isn’t amazing about this: A floating fortress, women missing from a town, an evil duke’s son that likes to cut people up, a blue chaika, Chaika’s true nature and origin revealed, teaming up with former allies and finally lots of Fredericka kicking huge amounts of ass. Recipes for success abound, Chaika manages to grab the ball and run straight through the field goal and into the bleachers with these ideas in an explosive finale. Even Gillette bit the dust – maybe they’ll fund a line of razor blades for men in his honor.

Chaika headshotting blue Chaika was amazing to me – seriously I thought she had some real blood on her hands! Too bad she lived from that though. I don’t think anybody was really surprised that Chaika is an artificial creation, as are her “sisters”.

By the way, I feel like an idiot for not realizing this, but Guy? Either he is Emperor Gaz or he’s the one that created the artificial Chaika’s. Maybe both if Gaz is the one that created them after all! That would explain Guy’s immaterial form, strange inside knowledge, and ulterior motive for helping Chaika now, wouldn’t it? I’ve yet to read any synopsis to see if this was corroborated (maybe everyone else figured this out a month ago, I’m dumb) but that’s my gut feeling as it answers all those questions in one feel swoop.

Chaika season two is hitting us this fall! We’ll see for sure then.

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