Sengoku Basara – Judge End – 3

The sengoku era returns, swinging. And it’s swinging a giant anchor in your face.

What do we have this week? Maeda Keichi makes a deal with mercenaries, who by extension turn their back on angsty Ishida. Meanwhile, Ishida teams up with Chosukabe against a common enemy, Ieyasu. While Ishida isn’t common on sharing the glory of defeating his old friend Ieyasu with anyone, defeating and killing Ieyasu is more important to him than defeating him himself with his pride intact. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty vengeful.

It seems that, in accordance with the ebb and flow of history as its musty pages have told us, Takeda is not getting better. It’s only a matter of time before he falls to his illness as history dictates and Yukimura must take up the banner. What will the war god of Echigo do, I wonder? Honestly, he is their best shot at defeating Ishida as I’m certain he can take him on, being of Shingen Takeda level of strength. Meanwhile, Masamune is on a warpath for Ishida’s head – a fiery passion and urge for revenge that has yet to be seen on the “good guy” side. Best of luck to the one eyed dragon but I’m not thinking it’s going to end well for him.

So, let’s talk about floating carpet guy. He’s obviously been killing and stirring trouble in Ieyasu’s name with the intent of turning people against him. But the real question is this: What end is he doing that for? Is he hoping to benefit Ishida, no matter the cost? Or is he doing it to benefit himself and eventually turn against Ishida? Missi and I are in the latter party for his motives, although time will tell for sure.

Also remember how badly he got jobbered in Last Party? That was funny.

He looks like Aladdin.

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