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So, one of my most anticipated shows of the season arrives. So, what happened? Did Nice survive? Was that really Art? How did he survive? What are his motives? Why such a face heel turn?

Obviously, going into this season I’m sure many have the same questions to ask. We get a very Code Geass season 2 answer to it, as well. I have to admit, with the Hamatora mourning Nice’s passing along with his lack of presence in the opening, I must concede I was very convinced. On the other hand, we never saw the body or exactly how it went down so it could be a ploy. But why would everyone mourn his passing if he wasn’t dead and they didn’t confirm it? Would that really be good enough for Murasaki?

Truth is, it was all a plot after all. Nice was lying low while everyone played it up as though he were dead in order to avoid Art’s detection. The Hamatora are on top of things even more than usual as they’ve already discerned Art’s intentions (that is, the elimination of Nice), although his motives remain a mystery. Nice, meanwhile, has been doing recon on him in his own absence not letting a single second go to waste. Why is Art doing this? Before knowing his motives, I’d really like to know how he survived getting fucking shot to death a million times by Morale. Please don’t ignore that, show?

This is truly an interesting development as I wasn’t expecting that person to actually be Art at all. I thought for certain it was a shapeshifter or someone with a minimum that allowed them to disguise themselves like Morale. I mean, he couldn’t be alive right? We saw him die. Then get shot several times after being dead.

The best part about this is that Art’s development in the previous season now seems sinister and dark rather than tragic – Resentment from being denied a gift he wanted (Sounds a lot like Mitsuhide!) turns to anger which turns to tragedy. Take it and run, Hamatora!

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