Reply: Hamatora – 5 – 7

Hamatora comes back at breakneck speed as usual, with copious amounts of “Bad guys being dickheads”. Art takes up Moral’s resident duties as the primary dickhead (once a guy I felt sorry for, not even sure how that was possible) and continues with his spree of being a dickhead. Hey, it’s not eloquent, but hell, it’s accurate.

While I wasn’t likely to forgive Art before, he crossed the point of no return the second he killed old man Gasquet. This was completely unacceptable in my book. Gasquet was not unlike Light Yagami’s father – hard working, judicious, and an all around nice guy. All he cared about was doing the right thing and finding out why Art turned out the way he did. Seriously, you could not ask for a nicer partner. What does Art do? Let him die. I don’t care that you “cried” about it, you douchebag, you let him die. He was a “necessary sacrifice”, huh? I’m glad Murasaki beat the ever loving shit out of you, even if you have cheap ass plot hax that lets you recover.

Guess what, also? We still don’t know how Art survived his incident with Moral, or even how he is able to have a minimum when it was proven early on in the academy that he did not possess a minimum. Plan on explaining this anytime soon, Hamatora?

It seems that Freemum have propped up Art as some sort of deity or God. While I hold that Hamatora has always had a fairly realistic view of how the populace treats technology and news footage, I do feel as though crowds are pretty excitable and ready to believe just about anything they see, regardless of context. Maybe that’s not so different from IRL?

In any event, Murasaki, one of my personal favorites, lost his minimum after a long battle with a declining minimum. It seems as though he’s not the only one as the rest of the Hamatora, Honey especially, begin regressing from using their powers. Murasaki, unfortunately, is the only one who completely lost his minimum, something that made my heart sink. Looks like he has to get used to using conventional weapons – I’m at least happy he’s ok. I will welcome plot hax bullshit that give him his powers back anytime, show. You just say the word.

Also, that 7th episode? Legitimately the weirdest shit we’ve ever seen in this show, and so thematically out of place. That said? I loved it. I can’t tell you how hard I was laughing when Murasaki would get launched out of the bed to the ED theme. Hilarious shit.

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