Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 2 – 5

I’m back from the dead, married, and have more shitty opinions on shitty anime than ever. Yes, that’s right, I’ve returned to do battle with the 2d plane once again. Let’s fucking do this.

Hibiki’s opponent is not even a pawn, but rather the ringleader of the new ring of antagonists dubbed the “Autoscorers.” Haha, I get it, because music, and they generate Noise, maximum kek. This is part of the thereby dubbed “Symphogear cycle”, however – cocky, highly arrogant group of bad guys appears (always with roughly the same number of bad guys as number of good guys) who attempt to keikkaku-doori their way through every obstacle and challenge, usually with positive results until the endgame where they get humbled. Ok, so that was generic enough that it could apply to most shonen anime, but whatever.

What is the autoscorer’s motive? The only clear goal at this juncture they’ve shown us is their willingness to destroy the artifacts that house the symphogear weapons. They meet Elfnein, who is on the run from the Autoscorers. From Elfnein, an artificial being, they learn the truth behind Carol’s motives. Hibiki also loses her motivation to fight the Autoscorers because of a familiar anime protagonist plague, i.e. “I can’t use my power to hurt anybody! Not even ‘da bad guys'”. This doubt in her soul requires Maria to step in and take action, even without a LINKER of her own.

We were also introduced to one of the autoscorers; a cocky, blue dressed doll girl named Galie, who I cannot wait to see die.

Oh, right, and everyone except Hibiki has lost their symphogear armor. Apparently the alca-noise have the ability to destroy them (in addition, the autoscorers have been wisely targeting their relics). Why in the seven hells has no previous villain ever attempted this? If it’s really as easy as taking a drill from home depot to destroy a symphogear relic then hell, I could even beat them.

Hibiki soon loses her symphogear relic, Gungnir, to an autoscorer who is equally annoying to Galie named Micha. Project Ignite is launched by the united forces in order to combat the autoscorers, giving Chris and Tsubasa new symphogears in the process.

Hibiki seems to have flashes seemingly of her father before she passes out. I wonder if the anime will just toss this by the wayside or expound upon it? Who can say. Oh, Shirabe and Kirika’s relics were both destroyed as well, but it’s all good, they’ll get it back.

Just wanted to say that the episode title for the fifth episode might be one of the best I’ve ever seen. “Edge Works.”

Edge Works indeed.

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