Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 6 – 8

Symphogear trudges ever on!

And it would seem we’re having our “Ocean palace” event – that is, the most climactic and often most tumultuous act in a series, save the final rising climax itself. Carol is up against Chris and Tsubasa, and it would seem that she’s going all out – she even possesses a form similar to those of the Neptune series; that is, the ability to draw out her latent power in an adult physique. Anime, everyone.

Hibiki of course joins up with Chris and Tsubasa and subdues Carol. But she gets away, right? This can’t possibly be her end, right? looks like it is in fact, her end. She suicides, but not before taunting Hibiki about her memories, the same memory flash that caused her mental anguish only a few episodes. The truth of the matter is that her father is the source of some tension within her family.

Oh, Galie and Micha are dead. Thank god, fuck both of them, they were the most irritating of the auto-scorers. At least the remaining members are sufficiently intimidating and it isn’t completely unfounded.

I’m really getting sick of seeing the symphogear users look like bumbling morons when we know they’re capable of more – Maria uses her berserk mode but even without it gets jobbed hard. Shirabe and Kirika look like idiots before finally getting their act together and realizing that they have to coordinate. Hibiki lets her father’s sudden appearance and willingness to “make amends” cause her to lose focus in the midst of battle. My god, do you guys see Chris or Tsubasa having these problems? Like, how much more often are you going to let yourself lose focus, lose horribly, and look like a complete dolt. Don’t you ever get sick of it? This is your third season guys, get your fucking act together!

I don’t know if the autoscorers are just this powerful or not but even two symphogear users (Shirabe and Kirika) taking advantage of the Ignite module have difficulty with even one of the autoscorers. Lord. Are they just that strong?

I must admit, the writers conveyed the idea well that Hibiki’s dad is a jackass – even I wanted to punch this bastard. What a douche. It’s difficult to tell if he really is trying his best to make amends and just comes off as a douche or is actually just a complete jackass who is superficially ‘trying to reconnect with his daughter’. Not enough information and I’m not interested in spitballing that one – if you want to reach your hand deep into the anime cliches bag, be my guest!

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