Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 9 – 11

Fuck Carol.

I actually debated having this blog post just be those two words, I am not even kidding. I figured I shouldn’t be a tremendous douchebag though so you’re going to get a real blog post.

Also Dr. Ver is back. I mean it when I said I laughed, out loud, loudly when he returned. His return is as unexpected and fucking hilarious as a dead character who has no relevance anymore appearing again after 2 seasons. About the same impact. This fucking wacko was probably the best villain in the symphogear universe – utterly despicable, no redeeming qualities at all, and you just want to hate him so much.

The overall theme of GX is finally hitting us over the head (rather than the subtle references we had before) – your relationship with your father is important, and so is family. Tsubasa has daddy problems that she gets over or discovers that she misunderstood (and her dad is a lot cooler than Hibiki’s POS father anyway). Hibiki also has major daddy issues that having been rearing their head since the first episode, with the only problem that Hibiki is right and her dad is a fucking douchebag. For what it’s worth, he redeems himself after looking like an embarassingly cowardly idiot.

I’d like to congratulate Chris on being the only symphogear user to not horribly job, as she took out one of the top two autoscorers not once, but twice. She also did this unassisted, without Kirika or Shirabe’s help. I was getting sick of seeing the heroes with daddy issues looking horribly incompetent so Chris thankfully restored my faith and re-assured her status as best girl in this show.

All the autoscorers are done, but Carol isn’t finished. She’s summoned her giant ass sky castle and is using it to increase her phonic gain in her symphogear form. Hibiki suggests using their combination attack, but Tsubasa shoots it down because…why does she shoot it down? No real reason other than “The plot won’t let us! She has plot armor for the next two episodes!” The two gear users split into two groups of three – the original 3 symphogear users and “Team Maria.”

I really wanted Ver to kill Carol rather than the other way around – he’s a better villain; Carol is a single-minded moron who doesn’t have a grand vision with stupid motivations. Ver isn’t dead though, nobody ever dies by falling down a huge pit in anime. Sometimes they get blown up and torn to shreds and still find a way to get better.

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