God Eater – 1

Hope you like twitch, because God Eater has more twitch than a Russian AMV editor using mindless self indulgence.

God Eater is an anime made by Ufotable based on a game of the same name (Although in north america, only the “burst” edition was localized). While having received a recent entry to the Vita two years ago, we are only now seeing an anime adaptation to the widely popular franchise. If you don’t think you know what this series is, I’m sure if I were to show you a picture of Alisa you’d say “oh, I have seen this after all.”

The show introduces Lenka Utsugi, our protag, who is quiet but seems to possess a fair deal of drive and a particular distaste for the amagami (the ‘monsters’ of this universe). Nobody can blame him really – they destroy and kill with reckless abandon. Lenka has shown to us that he values and protects human life more than he seeks to destroy the amagami. Despite being respectful, he ends up doing something rash when Fenrir is attacked by disregarding orders and dispatching. Thankfully, he is saved by Lindow, Sakuya, and my personal favorite for some time now, Soma. Man, Soma is so cool. I almost cosplayed this guy a few years ago.

Lenka and his fellow comrades are all known as “God Eaters”, dedicated to exterminating the force of amagami in the world. Lenka is frequently referred to as a “new type” in the episode – the brief amount of the game I’ve played tells me that they are referring to his weapon’s ability to switch between blade and gun form. This would also explain Skauya’s surprise that he shot the shit out the amagami near the end of the episode – the rest of the first squadron is using old types that lack such an ability.

As expected of Ufotable, the animation is beautiful. I feel as though they are right at home animating scenes that take place in dark, decrepit city settings for some reason – must be all that color correction. While the twitch is annoying sometimes, people that are complaining about it are probably not familiar with the series’ origin – that aethetic was everywhere in God Eater Burst’s game opening.

Interested in seeing what I’m talking about? Take a look here and make note of the visual cues/similarities to the aethetic presented in the anime.

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