Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX – 1

Symphogear season 3 is here, and Chris is still the best girl.

The event involving Maria, Shirabe, Kirika, their mother, and the crazy doctor seemed to be dubbed the “Frontier Incident”, and was quickly hushed up to the public. It would seem that Maria and the others were indeed punished for their involvement but have been given an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves – Maria serves the public in a similar fashion to Tsubasa. More importantly the world seems to revere the symphogear users as those that saved the earth – which they’d better damn well do, considering they did! After the Fine incident in season 1, I would say that the world at large wasn’t aware of the existence of the symphogear unit at all.

The new season hits us with some other hard facts right out of the gate – it would seem as though the symphogear users are deemed as goddamn japanese military weapons. Not a ridiculous statement considering what they are capable of, but it’s pretty hilarious that this is largely being applied to japanese high school girls. Oh well. This is anime after all.

The second division that we know and love that has been dedicated to protecting Japan from various threats of the Noise has been reorganized into S.O.N.G. (kek), who is focused on disaster relief around the world. That’s right, we’re going global this time.

So, enough with the synposis (I said I wouldn’t do those!) – what was up with the creepy “doll” like creature that attacked Maria? It seems that we’re sticking with the power of three villains again in this season (Sultry roof lady, little red riding hood girl, and creepy doll lady) – and as long as these adversaries remain powerful I’m totally ok with that. I’m just along for the ride.

Goddamn Tsubasa can NEVER finish a concert without something horrible happening. Why do people keep going to her concerts when shit usually attacks her or the audience all the time? She’s like villain catnip.

I’m most excited to see all 6 symphogear users in battle at the same time, a prospect I have been excited for since the beginning of the second season two years ago. How will Hibike, Tsubasa, and Chris work with Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika? Here’s hoping we find out soon. They need a LINKER or they won’t be able to use symphogear at all, after all!

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