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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ren – 12

And so ends Chuunibyou, with a warm lesson about love. While the steps you take in order to grow closer are important, the speed at which you take them doesn’t mean you don’t love each other; it’s truly about the time you spend together and the memories you make.

Rikka wants to grow closer to Togashi. In order to do so, she realizes this means stepping up their lover’s contract – something only possible now because she awakened the dark flame dragon in the previous episode. The girl is seeking to reap her harvest, as it were. Can’t blame her!

After a few hilarious misunderstandings with Nibutani and Deko, who seem to have the impression that “taking their contract a step further” means they either already have or plan to, uh, have relations. Obviously this isn’t the case with our beta-ass main character, who could barely even hold hands without melting.

Thankfully, Rikka has great friends who help instill a lot of confidence in her. She asks Togashi to meet her after school under the bridge. After a pep talk from Deko and Sophia (and some mana from the latter), she works up the courage to not run away. Togashi does come, and the two discuss how close they’ve grown in the past year. They couldn’t even hug each other or hold hands a year ago. Now they’ve grown so much closer and done so many things together. Although they never get to kiss, Togashi assures her it will happen when the time is right, and that they should take it slowly. Cute and heartwarming is an understatement. Truly, their love is evident in the time they’ve spent together and the memories they’ve forged in their hearts. Now that’s love.

Thanks, Chuunibyou! I’ll miss you and your whole cast. Come back soon because I already miss you.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ren! – 11

Togashi, in the great tradition of anime protaganists, is unsurprisingly dense and unaware of Sophia’s feelings for him. As you might recall, this caused a bit of strife at the end of the previous episode. Our poor Sophia runs off in a tizzy.

Thankfully, Nibutani steps in to tell Togashi exactly what is going on (and thankfully chastises him for being an idiot and not figuring it out himself). In addition, his attention towards Sophia is upsetting his main squeeze, Rikka, who like any girl in a relationship feels as though Togashi has eyes for another. Great situation you’ve got yourself in there Togashi.

It’s clear to anyone with a brain (including Nibutani) that Sophia is trying her best but isn’t quite over Togashi yet. Nibutani visits Sophia as her alter-ego, Forest Summer in order to help her get over Togashi. She claims she must seek out and defeat her “true enemy”. Unsure who Nibutani might be referring to, she can only assume it must be Togashi himself! It seems that Rikka’s quest to awaken the dark flame dragon won’t be so easy…

In other news (forgive me for jumping around so much), Rikka is seeking the final pieces to awaken the dark flame dragon. Togashi left behind instructions on doing so in middle school which Rikka is following to a T. Togashi realizes this, chases after her, and tells her to go back, given she’s sick as a dog. The poor girl doesn’t listen and after an emotional moment, Togashi agrees to allow both Rikka and Sophia to awaken the dark flame dragon inside him.

Where do we go from here? I’m sure Rikka will attempt to strengthen their relationship to some degree, I suppose? There are really no long-lasting plot threads at this point…but honestly, I’m ok with that. The show and series has a whole has been so warm and sweet. I love it. One episode left!

Saki – Zenkoku – hen 11

Advising people to not bully our titular (no pun intended, I swear) heroine Saki is not typically a move that is well advised; reason being that she is in fact the second scariest person in the show when at full power.

Saki demonstrates her mahjong prowess quite well this episode, coming out with her trademark Rinshan Kaihou’s. I’ve noted last episode that Saki has kept her composure better than ever and as a result, she comes off as the amazingly talented, brutal, and very deadly 5th player of Kiyosumi that she really is. After all, she defeated Amai Koromo, considered to be one of the highest ranking demon players.

Eisui’s Kasumi comes into her own (if her “ara ara” demeanor before didn’t tip you off, I’m not sure what did) this episode as she ceases playing defensively after coming to the realization that they will never go into second or first place this way. To make matters worse, Kasumi is possessed by a god; always something you need to factor for when playing against Eisui (somehow!) Kasumi is an extremely strong player and possibly the strongest player in all of Eisui. She certainly gave the powerful Toyone a run for her money. Between these three mahjong giants is little Kyouko from Hinematsu. All she wanted was a “normal game of mahjong.” As many have said already, she is in the wrong ass neighborhood.

Saki rips the entire table a new one and pulls Kiyosumi into first. This is Saki playing to her full potential in a way we’ve previously only seen in bits and pieces. This is Saki, uninhibited, not nervous and making mistakes she shouldn’t. This is Saki at 100% potential, the way she needs to play against her sister in the individuals.

But who cares about powerlevels bullshit lolol am i rite.

Nobunaga the Fool – 10

We, interestingly enough, finally got some Hideyoshi character development (And no, I am not counting all of history as character development, since I somehow doubt the real Hideyoshi piloted a giant war armor).

Apparently Hideyoshi had a sister who died at a young age; she was stricken with key-AIDS. Apparently the Oda clan was waging a war at the time and the taxes ended up depriving them of their meager harvest, which in turn killed the young girl. Naturally, Hideyoshi is pissed about this, and in fact claims he event became a general in their army to seek revenge. While he no longer seeks complete revenge, he has revealed he will gladly kill Nobu if he feels he grows weak and fails to unite the country. Pretty harsh! In other news, I’d like to see you try you scrawny monkey bastard. In any event, shouldn’t he be directing his rage at Nobu’s father? Nobu was ALSO a kid when that happened and there’s no way he could be responsible (Unless he’s just hating on the whole Oda line, in which case it lines up). Revenge is weird, man, whatever!

Hideyoshi also successfully draws his tarot card from Leonardo this time (He unsuccessfully attempted the same early in the series) and draw the card of Temperance. I like to think Da Vinci enjoys sitting around waiting until people have internal dilemmas just so he can flash his crazy-ass cards.

The round table is apparently quite fed up with Caesar not getting anything done in the east (Hey, me too! Off with his head!) and grant him one last chance to be successful. Unluckily for him, the Oda pre-empt him by bringing the battle to his doorstep…and even so, things are not as they seem. Nobunaga uses the fool as bait while he and Mitsuhide sneak in under cover, breaking through their defenses and taking out their guards. They’re apparently unable to use war armors effectively in the area due to the ley lines. After utilizing one of Da Vinci’s inventions, they are able to restore the ley lines and use war armors, only to be greeted by what seems to be a seated officer with no name, who pummels Hideyoshi in his new mech he just stole a second ago. Hideyoshi is backed up by Nobunaga, who even on foot with a flimsy bow and arrow strikes the officer’s vitals, acknowledges that Hideyoshi wants to kill him, and tells him to become “man enough to kill him.”

I guess it’s been done before but I love this trope so much. So Badass.

He grants him the regalia of the wind that Shingen bestowed upon him as Caesar realizes he’s been tricked. Little slow on the uptake, eh Caesar?

Noragami – 11

Poor Yato. You never see the guy really open up, but you can tell he’s down because Hiyori can’t remember them. Hiyori, who is genuinly warm-hearted and kind, definitely is a ray of sunshine in both Yukkine’s and Yato’s life.

Both of them desperately try to get her to remember Yato (She hasn’t forgotten Yukkine) through the use of stories and drawings, but they aren’t able to do anything. Yato seems to think that art is the answer; guy is really dedicated. Even Hiyori realizes, after flipping through her notebook, that she did know this “Yato” guy after all (she saw a drawing she made of the three of them).

Yato meets Nora, who reveals she’s stolen Hiyori’s memories of him. In order to get them back, Yato will need to defeat Rabou, who was his fellow “God of calamity” back in the day. Clearly unhinged and extremely powerful, Yato fights to kill against him as he tries to get Yato to “remember” something, almost hauntingly. Thankfully, our friend Yukkine is always there to snap him to his senses. Unable to defeat Rabou, he taunts them into fighting him again later, or else he will never return Hiyori’s memories.

Yato decides that it’s for the better that Hiyori doesn’t remember them; after all, distancing herself from them should restore her human form. She shouldn’t be caught up in the matters of a god, anyway. Yukkine, being the good little brother he is, thinks differently and works on a picture book chronicling the entire show to this point. He shows it to Hiyori in a touching scene where she loves every minute of it, even if she still doesn’t remember who Yato is. After Yuki’s done, she requests to hold onto it, hoping it might help her remember something.

Just as it seems hope returns, it leaves again; As Hiyori grabs the book, she forgets who Yukkine is and what had just transpired. Horrified, Yuki runs. Nora reveals her memories are completely slipping away and it won’t be long until nothing is left. Despite thinking he’s giving them exactly what they want (and that it might kill Yuki), Yato decides he has no decision but to fight them.

Yukkine cries his heart out at the thought Hiyori has forgotten them, but he’s ready for action, even to put his life on the line.

Hamatora – 11

The beginning of this episode was some of the most hilarious shit in the world. When Nice entered the cafe, I nearly had forgotten what had transpired last episode.

Then it panned over to Morale, who was accompanying Nice into the cafe. Wait what the fuck.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I know that, narrative wise, the show is playing this up for “big lulz” but this is an incredibly stupid move for Nice to make; sure, Morale is unlikely to try to kill Nice given that he pretty much worships him, but what about mini-kokonoe and the bar keep? He’ll slice their head off if the opportunity is right!

Morale and Nice exchange some paltry bullshit (just kidding, it was actually pretty interesting) about the weak and the strong, and what each of their goal is. While Nice conceded that there is nothing wrong with wanting power, he adds that it is entirely in how you use it that matters. It seems that Nice and Morale are quite amiable with one another, despite the fact that I’m sure Nice is aware he killed Art. Nice claims he is partial to people who don’t have power but try their best anyway. Morale claims to not understand these people, and then we hit the crux of the matter: Nice doesn’t think anybody has the right to determine who is strong and who isn’t. Morale takes his leave, threatening to kill kokonoe if he isn’t allowed to leave unharmed. Good job bringing in bystanders into your conflict, Nice.

Meanwhile, Murasaki is kicking the shit out the minimum holders. Both physically and verbally assaulting them, he claims he’s in a bad mood and is merely venting his own frusterations to be an equal to Nice. I can’t blame the guy and I really felt for him, and boy was he pissed off. 

Takahiro’s mother becomes the next target of minimum holders due to her annoying, uppity, knee-jerk retarded policies about them. She claims to do it to “keep everyone safe” but she’s just a projecting soccer mom. As much as I hate her, I don’t think she deserves to get her shit blasted to all high heaven or her head bashed in like the unlucky police officer in front of her. Maybe punched up the jaw into a staircase, losing 10 teeth. That’d be good enough for me.

Takahiro comes to a realization about what strength really means after listening to Murasaki and comes to his mother’s aid. She does recognize him, believe it or not. He does some epic shit, transforming even further and does some pretty awesome stuff, messing up the minimum holders with his new powers pretty bad. Eventually, he croaks, defeated. He believes that even if his mother hates him, he’s happy to have protected her; he really did want to live with her again. His mom, not being satan, says how proud she is of him and cries over him. Morale, “moved” by the scene, released Takahiro by having him explode in a blood cloud all over his mother.

Great guy, does he do babysitting.

Nice is finally pissed off enough to go wreck his shit. I CAN’T WAIT.

Saki – Zenkoku – hen 10

I’m certainly not unhappy with the fact that Toyone is the “last boss” of zenkoku hen. With her ominous presence and the way it has been subtly built up,  it’s pretty damn exciting to see our little Miyanaga friend finally squaring off against her.

Looks and foreshadowing aren’t all she has either. Toyone has shown herself to be more than a formidable opponent with her riichi chasing that has kept Kyouko, our weakest player of the race, pinned down and feeling helpless. I’m also pleasantly surprised to see that Saki has kept her composure and isn’t getting frazzled as she usually does (Despite being the best player, I feel that Saki has a tendency to get upset and nervous very easily compared to say, Hisa or Nadoka).

To further cement Toyone’s strength, she gets a back story in the middle of the episode showing that even the show’s narrative is on her side.  Toyone was originally prospected from a far off part of Japan where her sole entertainment in life was watching mahjong on TV. She didn’t have a lot of modern conveniences. Thanks to this, Toyone has a great understanding of the game but relatively little experience playing others. This doesn’t stop her from being extremely deadly as she roasts her teammates in her first exhibition match against them. She cries, proclaiming she wishes she could go to the same school as the rest of them. The old woman exclaims that arrangements have already been made (Seriously, what a gambit! What if she didn’t end up going?) and Toyone attends their school and joins their mahjong club.

Circle back to the present and the pace has slowed considerably. Saki hasn’t taken her socks off yet but she’s still holding her own. We’ll see what happens next!

Nobunaga the Fool – 9

Nobunaga’s back and as it turns out, even more things are inevitable than usual this week! Also, thankfully, Caesar isn’t dead just yet.

As a matter of fact, Caesar has gone ahead and done the unthinkable by joining forces with the Uesegi. Anyone who knows a lick about Japanese history knows that Shingen and Kenshin are great rivals; while they greatly respect one another, I doubt they’d ever join forces, or at least even consider it. But here it is!

Caesar, of course, is manipulating the situation as usual but I don’t think Kenshin is going to be so easy to fool. He claims he “doesn’t like” Caesar. Hilarious!

Meanwhile, Mitsuhide is having nightmares about killing Nobukatsu, as well as having doubts as to whether he is down the right path at all. He remarks about how it is too  late given his hands are already stained in blood. Lady Ichihime talks to him about some nonsense about living in the light and whatnot. To be honest, I was thinking about the bagel I ate this morning during this scene.

Damn good bagel. 

Jeanne also has her own war armor, which is freaking awesome! Thanks to Da Vinci, it has been built from spare parts left over from the Takeda. She has to learn how to use it and as circumstances would have it, she is unable to activate her regalia making her pretty useless. Given her war armor is defensive, she hopes to use it to protect Nobunaga; something he claims he doesn’t need as he “speeches” the will to activate her regalia into her. It was pretty impressive, actually.

Some of the old fogeys that have never liked Nobunaga were considering putting someone else in power. Despite eventually backing down from this, they still want Nobunaga to submit to Caesar, hoping to preserve their name. They don’t know what kind of man Nobu is at this point? Come on guys.

Oh, the Oda clan’s morale is also crazy high after Da Vinci broadcast his epic speech to the entire Oda faction.

Next stop, the Uesegi!

Nobunaga the Fool – 8

“It was inevitable!” ~ Nobunaga at the supermarket after picking up the freshest pork cutlet.

Nobu gets serious, wisely remarking that they should stop infighting and instead turn to their enemies who will no doubt take advantage of their confusion. He also seems to, at least for the moment, have put a stop to the Oda dissent.

Da Vinci also reveals his study and observation of regalia and their uses; unsurprisingly, the user of the regalia and his ability largely determine how powerful the regalia itself will be. Given that, Nobu knows what he must do; claim the regalia that is rightfully his for defeating Shingen. To do that, he must defeat Caesar. Given that the Takeda outnumber him, he must come up with a plan which actually comes from Hideyoshi and Da Vinci.

Meanwhile, Jeanne keeps having a vision of Nobunaga getting impaled through the back by Caesar. It troubles her, but Da Vinci assures her that even a prophecy can be changed. That guy knows everything.

They erect a hologram of a castle which causes the Takeda to take arms and run straight into a mine field like a bunch of idiots. Nobunaga and Caesar go head to head in a no-holds barred grudge match. Nobunaga holds himself surprisingly well against him until Caesar does as Jeanne prophecised and stabs him. The difference here is that Jeanne rushes to his aid and unawaringly bestows a new regalia upon him, which he uses to, surprisingly (and somewhat disappointingly) defeat Caesar.

Given Caesar’s body count and manipulation of the Takeda clan, I was hoping he would have a bit more fanfare in his sendoff but eh, he was a jerk anyway so good riddance.

Noragami – 10

I apologize for being retarded, but I almost forgot about NORA with my last blog post…she’s one of the big, most foreshadowed plot threads in this entire show! Er, sorry about that. I’m dumb.

Anyway, this week has demonstrated that Yukkine has grown a lot from his past acts of adolescent misbehavior.  He’s started working for Daikoku to help repay them for helping him get through his little, uh, temper tantrum. It’s nice to see Hiyori, Yato, and Yukkine be buddies now that all the angst is out of the way. Yukkine seems to be hanging out with Hiyori as a friend now, as well.

Yato is also interested in FINALLY helping Hiyori regain her body. He’s not sure how but the fellows gods speculate that she can be saved by distancing herself from Yato.

Yes, all’s well and good…except for the fact that Yato took a job on New Year’s Eve. As expected of him, he’s not a very eventful person.  Or very exciting. Or a very good boss. But you can tell that Yukkine is happy to be with him now.

It’s all fun and games until they keep Hiyori waiting at a festival where she agrees to buy them food (The easiest way to get Yato to do what you want). They take a job to kill a phantom on the way and end up slaying tons of them until the crack of dawn. It turns out this is all a setup by Nora, who has contracted the help of the God Rabo. Apparently if you pray to Rabo, he can make anyone you want disappear.  Yikes. Nora is of the belief that Hiyori has made Yato weak, and thus seeks to eliminate her with her phantom wolves. It doesn’t work, but off screen she “does” something to Hiyori. It turns out that thing is make her forget about Yato completely, as when the two meet up with her she doesn’t recognize them at all.

Great. I’m looking forward to seeing this resolved.