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Selector Spread WIXOSS – 9 – 12 (END)

The colorless end of all things and beginning of everything.

A fitting end to a dark and windy road, with a mostly happy ending.

Mayu died along and unloved, and while it took an insane amount of persuasion and comfort, eventually she was won out to Ruu’s love which has shown it can even trancend the land of WIXOSS in a way that nobody thought was possible. While Mayu has faded, her feelings of anguish, despair, and eventually love live on with Ruu, Tama, and Yuki.

Ruu, Yuzuki and her brother, and Hitoe lived their days happy with one another and in peace, although Ruu still wonders where in the world Tama might be. What about Yuki, too though? Poor Yuki was such a tortured soul that longed for love not unlike any of the other girls. Given that we’re unsure what all of their original bodies look like, I’m unable to determine whether she was present in the show’s final montage. I like to think that her, along with Hitoe’s old LRIG and Yuzuki’s old LRIG all got together with our main group and became friends. I’m sure that they were wondering what became of them and catch up from time to time.

So, essentially, the show handles the evils of WIXOSS in a satisfying way, ties up all loose ends with Mayu and mostly Tama/Yuki, and concludes that Ulith is an irredeemable, festering evil that is completely destroyed. I’m satisfied.

But wait, what about Akira, you ask? Who really gives a shit? All we know about her is that Ulith defeated her and had her wish granted, and we quite honestly never see her again (although she is mentioned in this show’s epilogue sequence, seen as a model alongside the real Iona).

This show warmed my heart, made me gasp, had me caring about all of the main characters, and feeling just awful for poor Iona/Kuro/Yuki (She has so many names). I laughed, I cried. Mostly cried. I’ll miss our friends, but all we can do is hold out hope that Ruu and Tama are reunited with one another. In the meantime, at least she’s got Yuzuki and Hitoe.

At the center of WIXOSS, at least for me, was a strong longing for that one scene of solidarity – Tama, Ruu, Yuzuki, and Hitoe eating ice cream on that small park bench on the side of that house in the summer. That was what they were fighting for, and I can’t say why but it felt so strong to me. The fact that the entire show closed on that? I can ask for no better conclusion. Bravo, Wixoss.

Psycho Pass 2 – 4 – 11 (END)

What a ride! As an interlude rather than a series “finisher” (Please tell me that this is the case here), I feel that Psycho Pass 2 has accomplished its job and told an excellent story in the universe, even if some of it is treading old territory. The fact that it answered or at least explored some of the more unanswered elements in the first season says much about its efforts to expound upon the universe.

Sorry for combining so many episodes into one post, but I’ll be focusing primarily on the endgame here.

Aoi Tsunemori bites the dust and seems to have been the only thing that has ever shaken Akane so much. I’ll admit, I got chills when I saw her lose her cool at the end of the 9th episode. Yet, her hue remains ever clear. Let us outline the unanswered questions from Psycho Pass one and discuss a bit about how and to what extent each one of these questions was answered.

Unanswered Questions and plotlines:
1) What causes people to be criminally asompymatic?
2) What became of Kogami Shinya? Was his view on justice correct, or was he just seeking self satisfaction?
3) To what extent was Makishima correct about the Sibyl system?
4) How does Akane keep her pyscho pass so clear? What about her is “special”?
5) Finally, and most importantly: How should the sibyl system ultimately be dealt with? Should an evil system seeking the perception of perfection be destroyed?

Ultimately, this season toyed with many of these ideas, mostly 1,3,4 heavily, and 5, while completely ignoring 2. Supposedly the psycho pass movie is supposed to deal with this (And trust me, I’m very excited about that) but I can’t help but feel we need more time and something more definite. It may be that there will be a third season to conclude many of these thoughts.

Akane’s ability to stay clear was expounded upon much further in this season – I believe her desire for order and to change the system from the inside out is what keeps her clear in the eyes of sibyl. Nothing conclusive was presented so a theory is all I can give you.

Sibyl went from being an evil entity seeking the perception of perfection to a misunderstood “super computer” seeking to better itself – or so they purport. I’m not sure I buy it, I still think some brains need to be smashed. I can’t tell you how excited I got when I thought Kamui was going to blow them to fucking kingdom come. My heart stopped when he pointed the dominator at sibyl and saw their 300 crime coefficient. I was thinking “This is it – this is how they see their end.” Not quite, it would appear, although I think he made great strides in exposing one of sibyl’s weaknesses, even if they weren’t quite as easy to judge as he had thought. Sibyl appears more benevolent than one might have thought. I still don’t buy it.

Also, how many times has the fucking chief been killed? I understand that her body is essentially a husk that is possessed by her mind in the sibyl system, but I thought we finally saw an end to her at last. She’s clearly insidious and seeks only to vilify opponents of sibyl, I’m not sure why Akane tolerates her existence. Maybe it’s just because there is little she can do about it.

I am personally of the opinion that sibyl (and by extension, the chief) need to be either destroyed or disassembled – you cannot and should not tolerate evil in the hopes of one day creating a non-evil. It’s clear they’re willing to make sacrifices and care only about propogating their existence as a god – why are they continued to be allowed to rule a world they no longer respect?

There are many questions to be posed as Kamui drives a knife into the wound Makashima opened. It won’t be long before another opponent of Sibyl challenges the order of society. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Selector Spread WIXOSS – 5 – 8

This is the longest I have ever gone without posting something to here, and I’m very sorry for that. As usual, shit has been crazy and I haven’t had the time – although I have kept up on every show I’ve been watching, somehow. Yeah, I don’t really know how I did that. But let’s talk Selector WIXOSS shall we? Some amazing stuff has happened since we last met.

Futase Fumio was already aware of the existence of Mayu, the white room, and the truth of what happens to girls that have their wishes granted – that is, they become LRIG’s. A dark tale that she decided, for some reason, to weave on paper and have it published. Thankfully, she isn’t retarded and reveals that her very intention was to draw other selectors to her so that she could battle them. She’s also never lost a battle. Neither has Ruu, and we know how this goes – she stomps her. I was satisfied.

Most importantly, we have Iona and Tama’s past revealed – and what a revelation it is. They are actually beings created by Mayu, who is by extension their mother. As a lonely, sick, abused girl in a room by herself, she made friends for her to play against – Shiro, the girl of white, and Kuro, the girl of dark. Shiro is the one we know as Tama, while Kuro is in fact Iona. Iona is just the name of the body that Kuro possessed when we first encountered her. Trust me, this gets confusing if you’re not keeping up, but it IS well explained, at the very least.

Ruu also loses her first battle, although it is to Ulith with Tama, going to level 6. It was kind of a cheap win they wouldn’t have managed otherwise though. I don’t really like Mayu – so Iona spills the beans and she decides to take out her anger on her? Poor Iona. Did you ever think we’d be on her side? I have always loved Iona, even if she was initially fairly twisted. Ulith has clearly taken all that we know to another level.

We’re getting closer and closer to the truth. All that remains is to get to the white room and confront Mayu. How long until we get there?

Oh yeah, one of my two least favorite characters stabbed the other with an exacto knife. Take that, bitch. Stab yourself with one too while you’re at it, you looney.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 3

This week, the mysterious Kiryu arrives!

With no shortage of cool and a massive dose of Chuunibyou, he’s showing off his billowing cape, histrionic personality, and awesome nicknames. Some could say that it was fate that he and Ando met eachother through the Bloody Bible…Oh dear, it seems I’m risking becoming a chuuni myself! In order to stave off the eight grade syndrome, let’s break off further thoughts about the stylish and awesome Kiryu for the moment.

It seems the literary club has hit the courts this week with a quick bout of tennis! In a fit of more intensity than what you’d see in Mario Tennis, Tomoyo even utilizes her time shifting ability. Uh, hey, Tomoyo? That sounds a lot like cheating, you should probably not be doing that, especially considering that your opponent is Ando. What’s he gonna do, light the tennis ball on fire? He’d probably at least try it.

The second half of the episode has a warm moment where the girls of the literary club speculate whether some of Ando’s actions have a warmer intention than what he lets on. While they don’t seem to conclude anything one way or the other it’s nice to see that they care about him so much – no doubt this kid has got himself a harem here.

So, back to the awesome Kiryu. He smokes. What cool guy doesn’t smoke? This fucker has got it right. Trench coat was overkill as he already had me convinced he was awesome with the cigarette and small glasses. From the information that Tomoyo provides, apparently he left home and quit college suddenly and now lives life as a renegade away from home (who seems to shamelessly take money from his old man in order to survive, hmm..)

Who cares, Kiryu is awesome, and assuming he is the mysterious figure we saw in the first episode he’s aware of the supernatural powers that all of the literary club possesses. By extension, it’s likely he has a power of his own, and I’m mighty curious to see what it is.

Selector Spread WIXOSS – 4

The never ending battle between angsty teenage bitches continues – but this time Tama is here too. Ruko is just happy to see that Tama is okay and, in fact, doesn’t hate her, which does much to bolster her spirits. But what exactly is Ulith’s motivations, given that Iona’s wish has technically already been fulfilled? We’re not sure, but Ulith issues a challenge to Ruko – if you want Tama back, you’ll have to defeat me.

Knowing what an asshole she is, I’m not surprised to see that she’ll be the end boss this season. Interested to see how things go down but Ruko is pretty unbeatable, it seems. Still waiting for her grandma to become the ultimate antagonist or something stupid like that.

How many times does Chiyori have to get assblasted before she realizes that she is out of her league? She’s going to continue to get slammed. One more loss and her ass is grass. I’d hate to see what becomes of the poor thing in that situation – but I’m quite happy she’s become friends with Ruko and Hitoe.

Iona is still the most interesting character in this show – obviously her motivations are to become the best LRIG to the best Selector, as she’s stated herself. But is that really all? Doesn’t she want something more from this? You can see her internal struggle but not unlike Teru Miyanaga, we are unable to get any introspection as to what she might be thinking (and if we do get it, it’s sparing). Anyone wonder if Iona will end up playing for team friendship by the end of this? I’m not sure if there is any redeeming her but there just might.

How is it that someone wrote a novel essentially encapsulating all of WIXOSS and nobody fucking knew about it? That seems very unlikely, you think someone would have at least mentioned it in passing last season. It seems this girl will know something about the white room and by extension Mayu, so here’s hoping it pays off!

Psycho Pass 2 – 3

Suspicion turns to Akane as the mysterious letters “WC” finally appear in her very own room. Unable to say conclusively that someone entered her room, both the inspectors and enforcers are forced to choose which impossible scenario is more likely – that someone did enter the room somehow, or that Akane lost her sanity and wrote it on the walls, which would in turn draw a correlation to the previous crime. Thanks to good guy Tougane, however, she is cleared of suspicion. After all, in the face of two explanations, shouldn’t the investigation take the group that further believes in the innocence of their inspector? Sounds right to me. Good job, Tougane.

The chief (who is Sibyl’s poster girl, as we know) later warns Akane to be wary of Tougane, as apparently he’s had the highest psycho pass ever recorded in Sibyl’s history. Makes me wonder what in the fuck it was, that girl in the first season had one over 400.

It’s interesting to see that Akane really has become Sibyl’s pet – the only one who knows of their true existence and they trust her to keep that secret, because they know how brilliant she is and that she’s capable of understanding their need to exist. For now anyway, as she made her disdain for the system apparent at the end of the previous season. How long do they think she’ll go along with this? I doubt they are not keeping their eyes on her as the only person in the entire world with an insider’s view on Sibyl.

Interesting to see the show explore one of the greatest unexplained themes in the previous season – how can certain criminals like Makashima keep their psycho pass down despite their obvious instability? It’s obvious they’re nothing more than crooks but Sibyl refuses to properly identify and assign them a proper crime coefficient. “Kamui” obviously exists and with him lies the answer to this two year old question – I’m as excited as anyone else to finally figure out what’s going on here.

Fate / Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – 3

Time to fight the big guy.

And he doesn’t go down without a fight. Quick to act, Rin throws Archer up on a rooftop taking smash brothers pot shots at him the entire time. Berserker tanks just about everything though and continues to fight with Saber. Saber, meanwhile, does a tremendously good job of holding him off and even lands a few blows herself. Amazing that even with someone who is not a magus essentially tampering her mana supply, Saber is still able to hold her own against an immensely powerful servant like Berserker.

We are treated to a long and interesting fight filled with tons of ufotable color correction on sword hits. Amazing watching the two go at it with very little to no dialogue to interrupt their fight – perfect, considering that neither Saber nor Berserker are particularly wordy people. But what about Berserker’s noble phantasm that Illya mentions in passing?

For those unfamiliar with the FATE series (I doubt this really pertains to anyone), a noble phantasm is a sort of “ultimate move” that is the ultimate display of the servant’s strength. Usually used as a trump card.

But what of Iresviel’s spawn, the young Illya? As it was once said, “She is a bitch.” Taking on just about nothing from her mother, she’s cunning, deceitful, and condescending – something that villains have in spades in this series. She’s certainly a capable magus too, taking on Rin herself with little effort. Thankfully, Archer bails her out, Saber “kills” Berserker, he regenerates as per his noble phantasm, and Illya pulls out, stating that she is more interested in Archer than in Saber. Look, they’re both pretty strong lady, but I think it’s worth it to be interested in a servant who killed YOUR servant, I dunno call me stupid or whatever.

I wonder how Shirou knew that Archer’s noble phantasm was coming in order to warn Saber to get out of the way? Must be a part of their connection – an interesting little bit of foreshadowing.

Was happy to see Saber achieve a temporary victory over Berserker, even if we all know it’s not permanent. Truly the strongest class if she’s able to accomplish this much.

With the first Illya scuffle out of the way, it shouldn’t be long before Shinji and goddamn Rider show up to mess up everything. Looking forward to seeing Shinji get his poser ass kicked.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 1 & 2

Wow, I know we’ve had some heavily worded shows on this blog before but I think this one takes the cake. Translating roughly to “When Supernatural battles become commonplace”, we know we’re in for an interesting blend.

Brought to us by our friends at TRIGGER (responsible for the likes of Inferno Cop and Kill la Kill), it attempts to bring the best of season II of shana’s filler episodes to us in a daily and entertaining format with undertows of a dark twist.

That may sound pretty scary, but the show is very harmless, cute, and fairly funny as well. We have the usual harem set up where our heroes mistakenly find themselves with supernatural abilities in a world not different than our own. While I’m curious about how this happened (I’m sure we’ll be cued in eventually) it’s led for some pretty entertaining scenarios. Rounding out the main group of 5 is Tomoyo, Ando, Hatoko, Sayumi, and Chifuyu. Also included is the class representative who, not related to the literature club, also obtained these supernatural powers. She was also extremely cute when in love in the second episode. Felt so bad to see her heart get broken.

We do see a bit of the one who is no doubt the “true” antagonist at the end of the first episode. I wonder what he’s up to? I also wonder if he’s the one responsible for giving them their powers in the first place.

We have a great blend of comedy and wonder here. Picture, if you will, episode 7 and 10 of haruhi suzumiya with a little less “dark undertow” and a little more comedy. That’s about the best way to convey the magic here. Not to say I think it’s quite up to Haruhi levels, but let’s be open minded, shall we?

Some truly great animation too. As the title would suggest, I hope we get to bear witness to several fantastic supernatural battles, TRIGGER style!

Psycho Pass 2 – 2

Yeah I knew the blog post for this episode was gonna be confusing, I blame the dumb title of this second season.

“I had hoped you’d understand, Akane.” ~ Mysterious bad guy after intentionally killing someone in the previous episode.

Man, being a hypocrite is easy these days. So what is our favorite bowl-cut protagonist up to this week? As it would turn out, investigating a problem that Makashima left us with a trace last season – why can some control their psycho pass so easily in order to avoid being judged by Sibyl? They’re obviously malicious by Sibyl has sided with them – no doubt a dialogue on “thinking for ourselves”, something I think Makashima spoke of. Anybody who has watched the first season knows the true nature of Sibyl at this point.

I can’t help but think the stunt Ginoza pulled last episode never would have flown in the previous season – pointing a dominator as an enforcer at another inspector. You would have gotten your ass executed faster than you could say “Tashikani”. Seems that the department of justice has gotten a bit lax in the years following Makashima Shougo’s rain.

The pacing of the show feels decidedly different than it did in the previous season – less oppressive, a little less unknown, and foreign. It’s likely because the only two familiar faces are Ginoza and Akane – a little off putting for sure, almost feels like I’m watching a different show that just happens to star the two of them. I do miss a lot of the old cast.

We all know it’s inevitable that Kougami will show up at some point. My bet is that we’ll have to wait likely to around the 10th episode for this to happen just yet.

Not sure what the villain’s whole purpose is, but I suspect something pretentious and maligned like Makashima’s intentions. Maybe he’ll be quoting shakespeare too, the fruit loop.

Selector Spread WIXOSS – 2 & 3

In keeping with the Yu-gi-oh analogy, Mayu is Pegasus. What else will we find as we go down the rabbit hole? Maybe a fucking rabbit this time.

Iona and Ruko’s relationship takes center stage for me in both of these episodes as one of the more interesting character dichotomies I’ve seen in an anime in a while. They need each other in order to survive and they’re actually quite similar, going beyond the villain gambit of pointing this out, it holds true. Iona is honest with herself about it while Ruko is not – I do not doubt that she intends on finding Tama but there is no doubt a more feral, base need in her that is going to take center stage eventually. What is gonna give in the relationship that Ruko has with Iona, Hitoe, Yuzuki, and even her grandmother? I’m not sure but hopefully everything ends well.

Iona’s bit of introspection was also very interesting, although not that surprising given her convictions.

I was really impressed to see that Tama held her belief in Ruko so true despite being tested by Mayu’s distrust of the entire outside world. Being naive, I would have thought Ruko to be fairly impressionable, but like a good friend she held her convictions true. As watchers of the “Selector” series, we’re used to seeing pain and misery but this sequel series has certainly tried our emotions even more so than usual, no doubt.

Oh yeah, and Akira’s back. Whoop de-fuckin-do.

And guess what? She’s still a tremendous, ungrateful, worthless bitch. Yeah, harsh I know, but what can I say about someone who takes advantage of kind people like Hitoe, threatens to kill people, and cares about nobody but herself? There’s no saving her, and I hope karma comes to get her.

Ulith’s motives are dubious as usual – we don’t really know much about her other than that she’s snide as shit and hates Iona. I don’t really care if she manipulates Akira though, and I don’t think anybody else does either.

More drama next time.