Selector Spread WIXOSS – 9 – 12 (END)

The colorless end of all things and beginning of everything.

A fitting end to a dark and windy road, with a mostly happy ending.

Mayu died along and unloved, and while it took an insane amount of persuasion and comfort, eventually she was won out to Ruu’s love which has shown it can even trancend the land of WIXOSS in a way that nobody thought was possible. While Mayu has faded, her feelings of anguish, despair, and eventually love live on with Ruu, Tama, and Yuki.

Ruu, Yuzuki and her brother, and Hitoe lived their days happy with one another and in peace, although Ruu still wonders where in the world Tama might be. What about Yuki, too though? Poor Yuki was such a tortured soul that longed for love not unlike any of the other girls. Given that we’re unsure what all of their original bodies look like, I’m unable to determine whether she was present in the show’s final montage. I like to think that her, along with Hitoe’s old LRIG and Yuzuki’s old LRIG all got together with our main group and became friends. I’m sure that they were wondering what became of them and catch up from time to time.

So, essentially, the show handles the evils of WIXOSS in a satisfying way, ties up all loose ends with Mayu and mostly Tama/Yuki, and concludes that Ulith is an irredeemable, festering evil that is completely destroyed. I’m satisfied.

But wait, what about Akira, you ask? Who really gives a shit? All we know about her is that Ulith defeated her and had her wish granted, and we quite honestly never see her again (although she is mentioned in this show’s epilogue sequence, seen as a model alongside the real Iona).

This show warmed my heart, made me gasp, had me caring about all of the main characters, and feeling just awful for poor Iona/Kuro/Yuki (She has so many names). I laughed, I cried. Mostly cried. I’ll miss our friends, but all we can do is hold out hope that Ruu and Tama are reunited with one another. In the meantime, at least she’s got Yuzuki and Hitoe.

At the center of WIXOSS, at least for me, was a strong longing for that one scene of solidarity – Tama, Ruu, Yuzuki, and Hitoe eating ice cream on that small park bench on the side of that house in the summer. That was what they were fighting for, and I can’t say why but it felt so strong to me. The fact that the entire show closed on that? I can ask for no better conclusion. Bravo, Wixoss.

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