Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 3

This week, the mysterious Kiryu arrives!

With no shortage of cool and a massive dose of Chuunibyou, he’s showing off his billowing cape, histrionic personality, and awesome nicknames. Some could say that it was fate that he and Ando met eachother through the Bloody Bible…Oh dear, it seems I’m risking becoming a chuuni myself! In order to stave off the eight grade syndrome, let’s break off further thoughts about the stylish and awesome Kiryu for the moment.

It seems the literary club has hit the courts this week with a quick bout of tennis! In a fit of more intensity than what you’d see in Mario Tennis, Tomoyo even utilizes her time shifting ability. Uh, hey, Tomoyo? That sounds a lot like cheating, you should probably not be doing that, especially considering that your opponent is Ando. What’s he gonna do, light the tennis ball on fire? He’d probably at least try it.

The second half of the episode has a warm moment where the girls of the literary club speculate whether some of Ando’s actions have a warmer intention than what he lets on. While they don’t seem to conclude anything one way or the other it’s nice to see that they care about him so much – no doubt this kid has got himself a harem here.

So, back to the awesome Kiryu. He smokes. What cool guy doesn’t smoke? This fucker has got it right. Trench coat was overkill as he already had me convinced he was awesome with the cigarette and small glasses. From the information that Tomoyo provides, apparently he left home and quit college suddenly and now lives life as a renegade away from home (who seems to shamelessly take money from his old man in order to survive, hmm..)

Who cares, Kiryu is awesome, and assuming he is the mysterious figure we saw in the first episode he’s aware of the supernatural powers that all of the literary club possesses. By extension, it’s likely he has a power of his own, and I’m mighty curious to see what it is.

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